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The Favorite Friday Book Tag has been created by J over at Midnight Book Blog. She is an amazing blogger, so go check her out. Every week she picks a bookish favorite of hers whether it be favorite main character, author, genre etc and talks about it. This week the topic is favorite place/time to read.

My favorite time to read is the NIGHT TIME.

The Night has a unique type of darkness, the kind that holds the stars and help them shine bright. The darkness hugs you, like a warm cloak and within it’s safe embrace, you can feel your own soul …deep down.

During the night, I specifically like the 2 A.M. hour and 4.30 A.M. hour.

Someone once told me that 2 A.M. is the time of writers and poets and dreamers…and I don’t know if it’s because of that or some other reason…but this hour has always somehow stayed with me.

And 4.30 AM, because I like the way the blackness fades to soft purple, as the silence dissolves to the soft chirping of birds and finally the sky bursts into a kaliedoscopic mosaic of orange, red, blue, pink and yellow.

I just feel that, the environment and feel of this time of the day is so soothing, that it inspires me to write stuff and do something that makes me happy – Read.

And one huge plus -point of this time is that – SILENCE. The serene and calm ….feeling …that light breeze that makes the curtains fly….and the feel that so many people at that time must be dreaming…and the hope that dawn is around the corner is ….EVERYTHING.

(Of course, these hours have their cons such as – not being able to wake up for school on time.😅😂)

What is your favorite time of the day to read?


16 thoughts on “FAVORITE FRIDAY#4

  1. Omg I totally agree with everything you said in this post! I mostly read during the night because I really love the vibe and then I finally have some actual time to sit down and finish a book hahaha! A downside, though, is that I tend to stay up a biiit too late…

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  2. Yep night time is very good to read because of the calmness but I prefer to read early morning, I sit down by my balcony reading and then watch the rising sun. It’s really a wonderful feeling. ☺️

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  3. I completely agree, night time is the best time to read! I only got ~4 hours of sleep last night since I stayed up reading, but it was worth it. I also like reading early in the morning when it’s still dark out. Great post!

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  4. I absolutely relate to so much of what you’ve written!! I always go to bed way past 2:00 am and miraculously manage to wake up for school the next day 😂😂
    I loved how you described the night so poetically!

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  5. How you describe the night – I would also like to read then!
    However, I am more of an early bird, so more likely to pick up a book at 5.30 AM when the world slowly starts to come alive again…

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  6. Everyone has their own time….to be honest I wish I could read at all times of the day😂…. unfortunately I can function with very little sleep but not always….cuz you know life…No one understands a book lovers grief 😂….I mean sooo little time!

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