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Thank you soo much to Siena from over at Booksophobia for tagging me. I have been in a slump…not only reading…turns out writing as well. Duh!😶 I am not gonna say that I am out of it.. because I don’t want to jinx it, but yeah! Hopefully I am back. And just so you know, I missed you guys a LOT!


1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to their blog.

2. Answer the questions asked to you.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers.

4. Ask your nominess 11 questions.

5. Notify your nominees once you you have uploaded your post.


1. What was your most recent 5 star read?

Just finished it!!! Like just a few hours ago! This is gonna sound crazy, but has it ever happened to you? 🤪Where you become a huge fan of a Writer without ever reading their books, because you are so blown away by the reviews and the small snippets and synopsis, but then you just never got the chance to read it..but then you never stop recommending it. Okay! Now that was definitely NOT complicated.😅 So, I am a huge fan of Jay Kristoff and as to how I became one….well..I just told you. So..I just read my first Jay Kristoff book…which is also written by Amie Kaufman and U gotta believe me folks when I say..it didn’t fail to live up to my expections. And go way beyond. 😍🤩

I read Aurora Rising and it was FANTABULOZING!!!!🥳

(in case someone’s wondering: it’s – Fantastic+ Fabulous+ Amazing)

Book Talk coming up soon. So stay tuned for that. 😉

2. What is your most anticipated release for 2021?

I usually avoid reading series which are unfinished ….because the wait is INFURIATING! ..and I don’t keep a lot of tabs on upcoming releases…So I have to think a little about this.


The first book in the spin -off series to A Court of Seasons comes out in february 2021!

Name of the book: Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Mass

Cherelle cherelle the bibliophile ! if you are reading this ..know that I am jealous of you! Because you won’t have to wait long! As you just read it just a few days ago. (saw your wrap -up post. 😊 You just read the ACOTAR SERIES!!! I have been waiting for…seems like eons😩) I am glad you liked it though. We can remain friends.😂

3. Do you listen to music while you read? If so, does it have lyrics?

nope. I cant get into the story if theres music. I dont mind a lot of noise and random noise pollution (by which I mean the INGENIUS chattering of people). Kidding!

4. Do you have any pets? If so please add pictures because we all need some cuteness in our lives.

NOOOooOOOOo! I wish I did though.😣

5. What is the one book that you will never get bored of?

Surprisingly the book that I won’t ever get tired of actually has a pretty boring name. The irony is not lost on me. It’s “The Little Princess”.

6. Favorite book of all time (I know, I’m evil)?

Yep! Evil you are! 🎃 At least you know it! Asking a book lover to pick a favorite book is like choosing between pizza and pasta…or idk..water and o2. Um..for now it’s Queen of shadows by Saraj J. Mass.

7. Favorite place to read?

Dont have one. Just a place to sit down is enough and preferably which just enough light and hopefully no mosquitoes.😂

8. Favorite blog post that you have ever written (add a link as well so I can read it)?

Nothing much to say, except for the fact that it turned out well and that it would make me really happy if you check it out.😋


9. What is the prettiest book cover that you own?

Nothing SPECIAL is coming to my mind right now…but I really adore the cover of Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi.

10. What is the biggest book on your TBR?

I had say The Clash of Kings and literally oll other books in the song of ice and fire series, but I dont see myself reading that for a long long long time…so I’m gonna say – “Crescent City” (House of Earth and Blood) by SJM.

11. Why did you start blogging and why did you continue?

To be honest, I didn’t know that people could blog about books. I really enjoyed watching booktube videos and wanted to be a part of the communtiy…but talking in front of a camera makes me nervous and uncomfortable…(in short: I am a terribly shy and introverted person) ….so that option was ruled out. So, I thought of writing …and that’s how I stumbled across this wonderful community that makes me soo happy. And that is actually the reason that I would like to continue ….and so I want to give a huge shout out to all those book bloggers…’cause you guys make me absurdly happy…and I know I am not very regular…I disappear for few days….I am late at replying comments and returning likes and follows….but I love you guys all the same. So thank you soo much for all the comments and likes and follows and views!


I am nominating the following people: (No pressure guys! Some of you might have already done it…or might be busy. Take it easy!😴😊)

  1. Bookish Thinker@ Paper Realm

2. bookwormmuse

3. Becky and Kayla@ A Couple of B’s

4. Kunal Kajal@ Gust of thoughts

5. Tirza Reads

6. J@ The Midnight Book Blog

7. Ali@ In the Lost and Found

8. K Book Blogger

9. The Bookworm Shelf

10. Rosie@ Little Bird Book Blog

11. Julia@ Stormy Reads YA

My Questions:- (I have reused some of Sienna’s questions, since they are pretty fun to answer)

  1. What was your most recent 5 star read?
  2. What is the biggest book on your TBR?
  3. Favorite blog post that you have ever written (add a link as well so I can read it)?
  4. Favorite Ship?
  5. Which fictional character would you like to date?
  6. Tell me three things about yourself. (not related to books).
  7. Do you have a favorite go -to place? Describe it.
  8. Do you annotate your books? Care to share, how/why?
  9. Think of your a happy memory. Maybe your happiest one. And tell me which book you are reminded of when you think of it.
  10. Why did you start blogging and why did you continue?
  11. Lastly, tell me a weird/fun fact about you.


8 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD #1

  1. Thank you for the nomination!! I can’t wait to answer your questions 😄 Also, I’ve never read the Little Princess because I haven’t seen many reviews on the book, but I love the movie!!

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