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Happy Birthday to myself! and to you too..if your birthday is on the14th of November.😃

Well, just thought of sharing what I did on my birthday…which, as you will see is as boring as my usual life. (expected)

I just cut a birthday cake 🥮….yep! that’s it! And I spend the rest of the day with a really close friend of mine. We cuddled dogs 🐶(to be specific – a siberian husky…and the other one, I don’t remember the breed, but his name was Ginger), and we gossiped the whole day…about people (admit it…you do that with your bestie too…) and about The Dark Artifices, Jace and Clary, and Julian and Emma and ..it goes on. (yep! Books 📚 had to be there).

But weirdly, I didn’t feel like it was my birthday and here’s why. In my country (India), fourteen November is celebrated as Children’s Day, in honor of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, who adored children. Also, this day, coincidentally, was also Diwali. Happy Diwali Guys! 🥳 Hope you had a great time despite Corona breathing down your neck.😷

So…um…now that I am seventeen, you will be pleased or maybe not pleased to know that I have lived seventeen years of my life..without doing anything special or extraordinary at all. I didn’t discover any new element, or find the cure to cancer or even watch the avengers movie (kidding! I have watched it).

I don’t even have any plans for the future. And I know how pathetic I sound right now. 😣

I am in high school…and I want to get through it right now. I am currently studying bio-science, but I have no wish to become a doctor or an engineer for that matter. I took science because of parental pressure. You know how it is…if you are a good student, get good grades..then science is what you are good for or you are nothing at all.

Messed up? Don’t worry, I know.😒


I want to study English Lit though.🤓 I know most people would say…terrible choice. Your life is doomed. Every single person I haved talked to….seems to think this, but science just doesn’t vibe with me. And I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being tested on something I don’t like. That sounds like a tragic story…like more tragic than Shakespeare. 😖😩

I do realize that a sudden “Birthday Girl” post has transformed into something consisting my ramblings about life and hence shedding light on my inability to make decisions. 😅Yeah, pathetic doesn’t even cover it. But sometimes – what better way to get it out then post it on the internet, where a few strangers will read or won’t read.

My question to you guys is:

If you are a student, what are you currently studying? What do you hope to do? And if you are not a student, then, what are you currently doing? Have you always wished to work where you are currently working?


Happy Diwali! Happy Children’s Day!

42 thoughts on “AND THERE GOES MY B’DAY

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! My dad’s birthday is on 14th November as well!
    As for the Science part, I took Science as I love Maths and Chem. But I am not really being able to cope with Phys so let’s see!
    And ooh English Literature is cool!

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  2. Belated Happy Birthday!

    I can relate with your conundrum and I’d say please follow your heart and do English Literature. I was confused between engineering and Economics – I did engineering (and from a top college in India) and boy o boy do I regret it. I wish I had done economics instead. I think my dad is a great example of following your heart – he did his master’s in English and then decided he liked law so got his LLB degree and finally joined the business world and got an MBA. Just an advice from someone who was in your shoes 10 years back – follow your passion! ♥️♥️

    Hope you have a great year ahead! 🎉

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  3. Belated happy birtnday! I turned eighteen in last week of october but I am just too awkward to share it with everyone.

    I am happy you had normal but some good time! Go ahead and take literature! But, while I won’t say don’t follow your passion, I will say check on what you love the most, if you love literature go for that, if you love something else go for that. There are a lot of diverse fields in literature itself!

    I am currently pursuing Engineering myself. That is because I have this weird passion for coding (*whitehat jr background moosic playing*) Also, ever need help for anything and I’ll be there for you, okay!? Have a great day Ashmita!

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  4. I studied biology for a year at university but hated it and switched into politics instead! I was doing so badly before but I graduated with top grades ☺️ now I’m studying a masters part time while also working in marketing for a charity! Sometimes it can take a while to figure things out but you should make sure to not give up what you enjoy!

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  5. Happy late birthday!!! When I was in college, I started out as a double major in Anthropology and English. I wanted to study bones and literature, but my college’s Anthropology program focused on how people interacted so I dropped that. And the English classes were kind of boring lol. They focused more so on stories I had previously read, and it was pretty much only reading classics. So I dropped that and turned to Public Relations lol. So I got a mix of studying other people, analyzing texts, and writing a lot for myself!

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  6. Happy late birthday Ashmita! That sounds like a perfect way to spend the day, dogs, books, and a friend. Science is my least favorite subject, so I get it, and you definitely shouldn’t have to study something you don’t want to. Right now I study a mix of things, but I do want English to be my main subject. My parents also don’t think that I’ll be able to do anything with an English degree, but I’m going to keep trying. Once again, happy late birthday and Diwali!

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  7. Thank you 😊❤️ it is ..was the perfect sort of day! Science is not exactly my least favourite subject…it’s just that I don’t like it enough to build a career on it. You should keep trying to pursue what you want😁👍🏼. Best wishes to you. I am sure that even with an English degree we will be able to do something. Fingers crossed for both of us.😊🤞

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  8. Thank you! You must be very brave! 😅 I would have been scared….what if I mess it all up? But it really sounds great! ” Mix of studying other people..” I don’t have a problem with classics….not THAT much 😂😅….so I think I would really like to major in english

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  9. Whoa! Congratulations 🎊 on graduating with top grades and being successful in life😊🥰…..though I am pretty sure that I am pretty late. I guess it can take a while….well….i guess I have to wait and see. Thank you soo much! I most definitely don’t think I will give up on what I love….I can be very stubborn 😂😅

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  10. Thank you!! Belated happy birthday to you too!! 🎉🎊 Now you are an adult!!! 🥳🥳 Thank you soo much for your encouragement…this means soo much to me!! Especially after hearing most people ramble that English is useless 😂😅😅. Coding sounds great! Good luck to you! Thankx for being here….and by the way BACK AT YOU😊🥰❤️. I am here too! If you ever need anything. Great day to u too!


  11. Thank you soo much! Yeah…I am shit scared of regretting …and all that…

    Thank you soo much for sharing your story. That gives me a lot of courage to just go ahead and do what I want. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION – it is😊👍🏼.

    Great year to you too!


  12. Happy Belated Birthday❤🎈! This was adorable, I think most of us if not everyone goes through the pressure of studying what their parents think is “the best and right choice” for them in the long-run. I went through the same thing but fortunately for me I had a crack for it and I might not completely be doing (not at all actually😂) something related to what I studied in high school but it’s somehow come in handy with one of my majors. Anyways, I’m studying (BA in Motion Medium in Television) something close to my dream and that’s enough, for now. I hope to turn a favorite book series into a stage or screenplay and anxiety comes with this “hoping” and of course the spine-chilling feeling i just got😭
    I hope eventually you too reach a path that will bring you a step closer to what you want to study

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  13. I have to be getting to bed at this moment – but happy belated birthday

    That sounds like a wonderful birthday!! All kinds of celebrations and happiness.

    What is it that you would like to do, if you could do anything you wanted?

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  14. Oh thank you soo much 💓
    It was a peaceful day. Um…if I could do anything I wanted …. it would be to become the editor of a really bad-ass writer. Read books all day. Review them. And write Blog posts. What about you?

    Good night..or afternoon.( It’s afternoon here😅)

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  15. If I could do anything I wanted? Hmm not sure… I like helping people a lot … but I also like history and science? Anything in those areas be amazing ❤️

    It is now morning… have a great day or night 😄✌️


  16. A belated happy birthday to you Ashmita! 🎉 I just wanted to comment and say follow your passions in life. I also studied the sciences despite not really wanting to (Veterinary Science at university to be exact). The pressure, stress and the fact that I wasn’t suited at all to the course meant I had what can best be described as a mental breakdown and dropped out after 2 years of the 5 year course. I now study English Literature and am in the final year of my degree. I work part time as a public library assistant too and love my job – I’m hoping to qualify as a librarian after I graduate. The idea that no good careers are available for English grads is a complete myth. I think you’ll be most successful when you do what makes you happy! Feel free to contact me if you want any more advice and good luck – I’m sure you’ll be amazing whatever you choose to do 🥰 X x x

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  17. Oh my god!!! Thank you soo much!! U have no idea how much happy this makes me. At least there is someone like me!!! I mean regarding the science and loving English part. So many people keep telling me that I am gonna fail in life….that I have totally screwed up my career and that for a good student like me… studying English is just a waste of time and a waste of life in general. Thank you soo much. I almost ended up believing them. But this makes it soo much different . It’s given me a lot of hope. Thankx again. Means a lot to me!!

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  18. Happy belated birthday to you. Quiet days with besties, compared to a party, often can be the best way to spend a birthday. I hope you loved every moment of your day. I wish you many fruitful years ahead of you.
    I can relate and empathize with you as I also went through the same parental pressures of studying what my father thought was the best for me. As a parent, however, I observed my daughters and allowed them to make their choices and they chose along their passions and strengths which is a blessing. I must admit that I tried to steer my older one towards a particular college, but she’s a strong lady and knew since middle school what college she wanted to attend; which at the time was the #1 for her major. The college I preferred was #2. With my other daughter, I left her. She attended a junior college for basketball but she also knew what college she wanted to transfer to.
    All things always work out for the good. If you can combine both majors, go for it. That way you’re satisfying your parents and yourself. All the best!

    Thanks for visiting my site. I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts and will stop by again.

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  19. Thank you soo much! Yes, it was a lovely day. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am happy that everything worked out for your daughters. Unfortunately, in my country you don’t have the option of combining majors or double majoring in anything. So, I guess I have to stick with one. But thankx a lot for stopping by too. I loved your posts too….though I must admit I read only a few. I will be sure to stop by again!

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  20. No worries Ashmita. Return to read them in your spare time, but please make your studying first priority!
    It’s interesting to hear that India doesn’t allow “option of combining majors or double majoring.” Do you know why? I can only imagine that the government/system prefers that its citizens be the excellent best in one than combining and being mediocre. If that be the case, I’m all for it. But I believe that they need not fear that because you all are smarts. Maybe someone should champion the cause to change it if there are citizens desiring it. Just a thought . . meanwhile, please obey your parents. –
    Thanks for your comments on my daughters. It’s been a pleasure communicating with you.


  21. Hey happy belated bday …. well , m just in 9th class rn , although I love literature, I aspire to become a doctor ,
    I know how it is in India , my parents won’t lemme take humanities only cuz I m a topper ..( But i myself wanna opt for science )
    Don’t ever leave your dream behind , okay ?

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