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Okay! ….um….WOOoooOOW! So, I got nominated for another award! Crazy! I know right! This time I was nominated by Rachel@ A Bookworm’s Paradise. If you don’t already follow her then do me a favour and go follow her because she desreves it and because she is a sweet little fellow bookworm.❤️

What is the award all about?

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is a non-official Award to the bloggers as a reward of wonderful work on their blogs. It’s just as important because it really reflects the good impact we can have on other people’s lives. It is important for the inspiration towards the success journey of our fellow bloggers and especially newbie’s to become the future Stars.


  1. Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog
  2. Answer their questions
  3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions
  4. Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog 
  5. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo
  6. Provide the link of the Award creator of the Ideal Inspiration Blogger award as Rising Star from:  https://idealinspiration.blog

Rachel’s Questions:-

  1. A song whose lyrics are currently stuck in your mind, and are replaying continuously?

Um….that would be the lyrics of “Little do you Know” by Alex and Sierra. 🎵 It’s actually a pretty old song, but I heard it for the first time like a few days ago…and I just can’t get it out of my head. It goes like La la laa..hmm hmm…😅 😂

2. Favourite reading spot?

Honestly, I can read just about anywhere…as long as there is enough light and no mosquitoes. 😜 But my favourite place would be – my own bedroom. I like to read curled up on my own bed…in my own little world. 😊What about you?

3. If you could exchange your life with anyone, be it a real person, or a book character, who would it be?

I think I would like to exchange my life with Aelin Galathynius (aka Calaena Sardothien). Although, I know her life is really difficult, and it’s obviously not something I can fight or bear. I would like to exchange it with her, because I would love to be like her – strong, brave, smart, selfless, kind and just AMAZING!

Though I am pretty sure that the thought of exchanging our lives is not mutual. Imagine Aelin leading my life.🤣

4. What would be the first place you’d visit if you discovered you could teleport?

That would be London, England. This city is riddled with bookstores and literary coffee shops. Not to mention, there’s literary history at almost every corner.😍
You can discover Charles Dickens’ house. See Sherlock Holmes’ famous doorway on 221B Baker Street.

And after London, it would be New York City, because I am a sucker for the Shadowhunter Chronicles, and the Mortal Instruments series is set here. 🤩

5. Have you ever started reading a book in the book shop or library itself, because you found it so interesting?

YESS! Multiple times! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have gone as far as completing the whole entire book, because as it appears, I am jobless and have a lot of time in my life. LOL

I nominate:

(No pressure guys! Some of you might have already done it…or might be busy. Take it easy!😴😊)

Cherelle@ cherelle the bibliophile

Riddhi@ Whispering Stories

Lilly@ Lily’s Little Library

Happy Panda

Alex@ mybookworld24

Bertie@ LuminosityLibrary

Sumedha@ the wordy habitat

A Little Haze Book Blog

Books Best Blog

My Questions:-

  1. What is the biggest book on your TBR?
  2. Favorite Ship?
  3. Do you annotate your books? Care to share, how/why?
  4. Which fictional character would you like to date?
  5. Think of your a happy memory. Maybe your happiest one. And tell me which book you are reminded of when you think of it.

Thank you Rachel, once again! It was great answering these questions.




  1. oooh congrats on the award ashmita! i love reading on my bed too(as long as i don’t fall asleep haha)… and ahhh yet another reminder that i have to read throne of glass haha, aelin sounds like the greatest!! thank you so much for nominating me! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Your answers were totally relatable and just so perfect! I couldn’t have answered my questions in a better way😊
    And hi-five 🙌 I too have read entire books sitting in Crosswords. I hated going shopping in malls, so my mother would make me sit in a book store while she shopped (I still hate shopping for clothes. I am using past tense because these were moments of our life before Covid) and I used to make most of my time and read a couple of books 😂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh, thank you! I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. Lots of happy dancing 😂. I hardly read anywhere but my bed, so I definitely get what you mean about your own little world. And I would love to go to London so so much it would be amazing. Thank you again, it means the world 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations on the award! ♥️

    Only once have I almost completed reading a book in a bookshop. After an hour I felt the stern look of one of the salesmen and left. 🙈

    Thanks for the nomination, I’ll definitely take part! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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