( A quick shoutout to Reedsy Discovery and the Author – J. M. Beraldo, for giving me an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!) 😇




Rating: 4 out of 5.


What if the History taught in school was a fabrication?

A thousand years after the fall of the Holy Empire and the murdering of Gods and Magic, Agatha ni Lubi-Mauri stumbled upon inconsistencies the government of Niparsha prefers forgotten. In her desire to earn her title as Master Historian, Agatha will threaten the most powerful city-state of the continent, and the lives of those dearest to her.

The uncovering of an ancient tomb may lead to the missing pieces of the puzzle Agatha was looking for, but things get dangerous as bounty hunters, mercenaries and the government itself are drawn into the investigation. Soon the first body is found, murdered, and the situation grows more complicated as a stranger with a mysterious past arrives in town.


With extensive world-building, flawed characters, and an intriguing plot; this book is the Beginnings of a wonderful story.

“A historian’s work was no easy feat.”

This is Joao Marcelo’s debut novel, but it doesn’t feel like a debut novel. So much planning and thought has been put into writing this story! It is definitely worth the read.

“I rather look like a fool and remain alive than accept a suicidal contract”

With a wide cast of characters, this book grasps you from the first chapter itself. It has everything. Great friendships, betrayal, Tomb-raidings (!), extensive world-building, fights against discrimination and racism and so much more. The book can be a little difficult to grasp, as it has extensive world-building, but once you familiarize yourself with the style, you will be able to fly through it.

History plays a mojor role.

“It was learning from the past that you could make a better future.”

We get to know the importance of Histroy, the origin of history and the truths and lies of History. Although set in another world, this books can be strangely relatable. If you are a fan of History, and are really awed by anything related to History, give this book a read, and I assure you, that you won’t regret reading this wonderfully crafted story of a historian who may have stumbled onto ancient secrets that the government wants to keep hidden.

There’s this one quote that has really stuck with me, which I would like to share:

“The Lord sighed at the vision of so much death and disaster. It was victory for the Empire, but was it a victory for life? What use were leaders whose only knowledge was that of death and conquest?”

One downfall of the book is that I think it would do a whole lot better with a little bit of editing. There were quite a few typos and misusage of words. For example, using “then”, instead of “than”.

This book is available in Amazon (kindle edition) only for $2.89! Guys! Please get this book and read it! And don’t forget to let met me know how you like it.

(This is not an affiliate link. I just linked it in case you want to check it out.)😅😊 


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