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9 Books I will (most probably) never re-read because they destroyed me || +3 honourable mentions

All I am gonna say is – ” It’s one of those books. Those books which you stumble across once in a while. Which makes you cry, makes you feel hopeful, heals you, and then breaks your heart and then breaks it again. It’s one of those books which, once you finish reading, you close it. You heave a sigh – of relief? of sadness? I am not sure. But you want to read it all over again, but you don’t dare to pick it up because of how meaningful it is to you. You get scared. But deep down you know, that it’s one of those stories that will stay with you for a long long time. Will resonate with you… in your heart.. in your mind for years. And someday, when you pick this book again, you will do it knowing that you will go through it again and again and again. And it will not disappoint you”

~ Ashmita☺️

Well, I am pretty sure you have books like this, if you are a true story lover. I am also sure that you can relate how I feel right now. And you know it unsaid – “If I ever stop recommending this book, it will be too soon.”

So, here’s the list of NINE books that I will (most probably) never re-read because they ruined🥺 me :-


A few honourable mentions:-

These books are not icluded in the list because, it had be a lie if I said that I won’t/don’t re – read the following.😅



This book did make me really sad. The starting, middle and the end; the whole book was melancholic.😟 It did break my heart, BUT I think I will be able to re -read it. Don’t get me wrong – this did destroy me, but I think I will be fine…just fine 🙁 if I pick up this book in recent times.




Wonderfully crafted and narrated by death. This book, I am pretty sure is the favourite of majority of the book lovers, if they can get past the fact that the book is a bit slow. I am surprised that I could get past it. I definitely plan to pick this up soon, and mostly because I don’t properly remember what it felt like. 😅




This book ruined me. For the last few chapters all I did was cry. lol. I can easily pass as an over emotional person, because I have a few friends who have read this, and they were like – “Well yeah, it was sad. But yeah.” I mean, how can they be so passive about it.😫

I am just not gonna say anything at all! Sarah just goes ahead and does it again. Breaks my heart. Makes me think about this book ONLY for a loong while. 😩

BUT, I will not say that I am not gonna re-read these two books, because although they did ruin me, I have come to terms with it AND whenever I am down, or low or just idly sitting around, (I might be crazy…I don’t know if this is normal BUT) I have the physical copies of these books and just flip through it’s pages. flip. flip. fliip. I like to revisit a few moments, and it doesn’t stop there. I have read certain portions soo many times that I know them by heart. 😳Yeah, I AM OBSESSED.

Do you have such book?? Let me know👇


51 thoughts on “9 Books I will (most probably) never re-read because they destroyed me || +3 honourable mentions

  1. These kinds of books are so powerful and reading them is such an emotionally-taxing but rewarding experience!! The Kite Runner ruined me too; I read it for school and I’m sure all my homework was an incoherent mess of emotion 😂😂

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  2. Ooo. I recently bought The Kite Runner and I’ve seen “They Both Die At The End” on your listings a couple of times so I’m planning to add it to my the. Also, Bazz and The chaos of standing still look good, I guess I have a few books for 2021 tbr now 😝.

    Personally i do not have a book till now which has ruined me and I won’t read it again. But, there’s a book I bought in 2020 named “Treasure Island” which is the only book I’ve Dnf’ed in my whole life. 😑 I hate dnfing books.

    Have a great day Ashmita!

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  3. Hi! I’m gonna read ‘The Kite Runner’, but your post gives me second thoughts, hehe. Have you read ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, also by Khaled Hosseini? That one destroyed me, as did ‘Go Set a Watchman’ by Harper Lee. Also, I loved the entire Divergent series but the end of ‘Allegiant’ was pooty sad.

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  4. Wow you really wrote that quote!? 😍 that was so amazing!!
    This was such a fun idea for a book post, one of the best posts I have read this month 😁😃..
    I hope I get past my Throne Of Glass some and finish series lol 😂

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  5. I’m in the beginning of Kingdom of Ash now! The last one wrecked me too but oh so good. I’m loving this series. Normally I take a break but this one I haven’t been able to even consider another book. Also The Nightingale destroyed me. I get emotional just thinking of it

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  6. Yes… The Kite Runner destroyed me too. My only problem is that I’m studying it at school so I have to read it again and again when I’m scrounging around for quotes. The upside is that lots of others appreciate how sad it is and we can talk about it 😉

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  7. I know right! Allegiant was unexpected 🥺 it was one of my favourite series…but not anymore. I haven’t read thousand splendid suns. I am scared.😂😅😅 But I will someday. I need to look up the book go set a watchman. Hope you enjoy life runner.


  8. Oh I read them all except Kingdom of Ash. I’ve binge read them too but I’m slow so it’s taken me a month 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I’m obsessed. My house is a mess because I’m spending all my home time reading it

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  9. Yeah sure. It’s a one day romance mind you. If you don’t like that sort of thing…it’s not for you. It’s about this girl who is dealing with the death of her best friend and her depression, anxiety and OCD and how she learns to find herself in an airport (can you believe it 😂) and let’s go of herself and has a lot of fun. I hope you decide to read it. I bet Goodreads will do a better job than me …about the blurb thing.😅 I personally loved this very much because I could relate a bit too much. 😊

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  10. I didn’t ever like these books. Really boring!! 😢😛My fav books are The Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Charlotte’s Web. 😊😊🥰

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