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genre: FANTASY


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Living in the great capital of Zendar, Sol, Nitya has always longed for something more than her family’s merchant lifestyle. She craves adventure—or at least hopes something remotely exciting could happen. When her best friend, Juni, secures them both positions in the palace’s kitchen, Nitya gets to experience a different world than she ever imagined—especially after a young soldier catches her eye.

Her world will never be the same.


This book, rather a novella, is a marvelous introduction to Munson’s fantasy world – Zendar. It instantly pulls you in and compels you to turn the pages. It follows the life of Nitya, who is young, naive, and bored with her everyday life. She craves excitement and adventure until one day she suddenly gets the opportunity to work as a maid in the royal palace. For someone, who spent her life selling pottery, this was as interesting as her life could get.

The story takes an unusual turn when she encounters the mysterious and handsome Sergeant Ramas, who makes her feel giddy and gives her butterflies, and who in turn pursues her. But what happens when innocent Nitya is suddenly caught up in political powerplay and the murder of a royal official, in the midst of a world where people are still at war with each other. With no one to support a commoner maid, who has nothing but her truth and talent for art, Nitya is thrown into a cell and is now being investigated by the very Sergeant Ramas, who has no reason to help her EXCEPT matters of the heart.

In less than fifty pages, K.T. Munson, does a great job of developing the chemistry between characters, building the atmosphere, and above all delivering a heart -warming love story.

The only reason I did not give this story a five star is that, something felt missing. It would have been great if only there was more details of the world, the political powers in play. The world building was there, but not enough. It read more like a historical fiction rather than a fantasy book.

I would suggest this book to everyone who enjoys reading fantasy, romance and historical fiction, and to everyone who is looking for a really short and entertaining read.

A huge shout out to the author for providing me with an ecopy of the book. Thank you very much for your consideration. 😇

K. T. Munson’s wordpress blog.


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