Authors I discovered this year 2020 || you will be shocked (most probably😅)

This list isn’t exactly “Authors I discovered this year”. I knew that some of them existed, I just never read a book by him/her. In other words – “new-to-me” authors. 🙂 And honestly, I found some of my ALL time favourites this year!! And this goes a long way as to why this was a relatively good year for me.😊 If you have been following my blog for a while, you will be shocked. Even if you haven’t – you will be shocked.😂


Can you freaking believe it!?😱 Now here is an interesting story for all of you – I had picked up the “Throne of glass” two years ago, but I had read a few reviews, and everyone seemed to hate it. So, yeah, I didn’t read it. Can you believe it!? And earlier this year I picked it up again and I didn’t realize that it was the same book, until I completed it, loved it, and started hunting the internet for reviews so I could relate. lol. 😐I mean – lol.🤐 And now it’s my fav series.😅

(I have read the TOG and ACOTAR series so far).😇

My reviews – Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight

jay kristoff/amie Kaufman

Aurora rising! I have to get to the rest!!😩

My review – Aurora Rising

marie lu

Skyhunter! Okay…shocker! I got an ARC of this book from NetGalley and I am yet to read the published book, BUT I loved it! It totally vibed with me and I am glad I asked for the ARC.😁

My review – Skyhunter

jessica brody

Yep! Another all time fav I found over at NetGalley! I am so thankful!😇

My review – Believe

adam silvera

I don’t have any words!😭 I am just thanking my lucky stars for giving me “spontaneity”, because I wouldn’t have read this book otherwise.

My review – They Both Die At The End

helen hoang

Ahh! Two wonderful contemporary romance novels! I loved it! I loved every page, every laugh, every second!🥰😍

My review – The Kiss Quotient

sabaa tahir

The Ember Quartet!! I am still not brave enough to read the last book in the series.😟

philip pullman

I read the Northern Lights, but I never got to finish the series. I really want to though.🥺

khaleed hosseini

Kite Runner. 😥No words for this one either. I want to read all his other works, but hearing my mom gushing about how heart-wrenching they all are, I am…uh…not sure.😰

My review- The Kite Runner

Did you discover any new-to-you authors this year?


51 thoughts on “Authors I discovered this year 2020 || you will be shocked (most probably😅)

  1. I’d already known Salman Rushdie, but I didn’t read his ‘Midnight’s Children’ until last year. It was freaking amazing, as was Fritjof Capra’s ‘The Tao of Physics’, which I had picked up a couple of years ago but didn’t have a chance to finish.

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  2. It’s totally fine if you didn’t know all of these authors before! As long as we aren’t bashing them without knowing who they are, it’s totally ok! We read what we want, so if you didn’t read books by these authors before, I don’t think anyone should judge you. Great post by the way!!


  3. I want to “discover” Jay Kristoff and Marie Lu this year as well. I see so many people writing glowing reviews for their books. I hope this year is just as good for you in finding good books!

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  4. I read a book by amitava ghosh long time back. BUT I can’t remember the name. Bummer. It was about floods and there was tide in the title? Argh! That’s annoying. It was about immigration. And two brothers. And …. politics. 😂🤣 I am terrible.

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  5. I am shocked! But same here Sarah J. Maas and Sabaa Tahir were also only discovered in 2020 for me, and their books emerged as all time favs! Aww I’m so glad (and scared) hearing about The Kite Runner, I want to get to that soon! Great post as usual, Ashmita! ✨

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  6. Thank you Cherelle ❤️ aha! U had to get to sjm … considering everyone commenting on ur posts and their own posts regarding sjm😂 I remember bombarding ur comments with read the tog series….read SJM😂 I still hope u read the tog series soon ❤️

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  7. They Both Die At The End and The Kiss Quotient has been on my TBR for ages 😩 I need to read it ASAP. I’ve heard mixed things about SJM books but gotto try one to know if I’ll like it or not but I am glad you love them!💖💕

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  8. Ohh I think the link it’s redirecting might be wrong because it’s🤔 I’ll look into the issue. Thank you so much! I won’t have known I had issues with the blog 🥺

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