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Arc Review: The Child Wore Pearls || Medieval-A-Thon Update#3




Rating: 4 out of 5.


June Randolph and her father make the perfect team at their small, family-owned jewelry store. While the pair have always maintained a close relationship, the dynamic she shares with her mother has proven much more challenging throughout the years. Now at seventeen years old, June has found herself contemplating life beyond working at her father’s shop. Though it isn’t until she is befriended by a ritzy, older customer that June begins to come out of her shell. The woman’s kindness and infectious energy are a welcome addition to her young life the summer before her senior year of high school. However, secrets from her mother’s past begin to threaten June’s newfound happiness – calling into question all that she has ever known. Confronted with the often-perverse intentions of the human heart, the teen must uncover the truth which has been concealed by years of deceit.


I did not see it coming. I really did not. Wonderfully planned and thoughtfully laid out – this book was unputdownable. Morgan Matthews succeeds in weaving a web of lies that will finally reveal itself at the very end, shocking and amazing the readers. It doesn’t exactly pull you in from the very first, it could take a while to get into and it progresses pretty slowly at the beginning BUT it is totally worth your time.

The story follows seventeen-year-old June who is hard-working, driven, and an ambivert. She shares a really loving relationship with her father, but when it comes to her mother, it is very strained. While working in her family’s jewelry shop, she meets the wife of a good gentleman, whom she immediately adores and forms a bond with. It appears that this relationship would help her further her relationship with her mom, but that is before the story takes an unexpected turn, and you are hit with one of those “did-not-see-it-coming” plot twists.

It takes around a hundred pages for this feel-good book to turn into a page-turning thriller. With well-developed and relatable characters, an amazing plotline, and a whole lot of mystery – this book will keep you hooked.

Morgan’s writing style is so descriptive and detailed and it will paint an image in your head. It will make you feel like you are a part of the story. The vivid descriptions make the characters and all the more tangible and the story more entertaining.

A beautifully written, entertaining, and suspenseful read – “The Child Wore Pearls” is a great read. Definitely worth your time. I would recommend this remarkable thriller to all mystery-lovers!

A massive thank you to the author, for personally reaching out to me and sending me a free copy of her book in exchange of an honest review!


22 thoughts on “Arc Review: The Child Wore Pearls || Medieval-A-Thon Update#3

  1. Good day

    A human

    every day
    his dreams

    what his soul
    only has to tell him
    want to tell him

    reads in the book
    of life

    without letters
    and writing
    the whole
    Human history

    Reply to: – GEORGE R. R. MARTIN

    The books
    not only
    the quick thinking
    the past
    before our eyes

    Words thought
    don’t change a world

    who a reader
    can satisfy his hunger

    he has in the garden of the soul
    from the germ
    to the ripe plant
    Waited for it at harvest time
    not just the beautiful
    to wind a wreath

    but life
    the other his
    true stories
    to all

    when his soul
    the singer wants
    to be able to tell

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma


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