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Guest Post: Leon Stevens Interviews Leon Stevens for The Fictional Journal

Hey Guys! I am so honoured to host the wonderful Leon Stevens, here on my online home! Leon, reached out to me a month ago for a book review, but because of my exams I couldn’t commit 😦 and he was soo kind to suggest interviewing himself as part of a guest post instead! Thank you soo much! If you want to check out his books, I have linked them down below.

ONTO THE INTERVIEW WHERE – Leon Stevens Interviews Leon Stevens.

Today I have the pleasure [eyeroll] of sitting down with Leon Stevens, the author. How have you been?

Considering all that has been happening, I have been OK. You?

You know the same as I do. We share a place, remember?

Just being polite, you know.

Moving on. You have some exciting news to tell.



I had some news. Like months ago.

Would you like to share it?

That’s why we are here, isn’t it?

Yes, indeed. Let me spill the proverbial beans then

I’m not going to clean those up.

Do you want me to say it or not? 

Go ahead.

You published your second book this year, a science fiction book, I believe?

That is correct. It’s called The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.

Interesting title. How did you come up with that?

It’s the first story in the book, and the rest tells you what is in it.

But what does it mean?

You will have to read and find out.

I did. You know that.

Then why are you asking?

I thought that other readers would like to know.

It is the shortest story in the book, and it’s all about how the choices that life gives us are not always good things, I guess. 

You like writing short stories, don’t you?

My stories always seem to come to a natural conclusion sooner rather than later. Say what you want about short attention spans…

Do you have a favori—Wait! Where are you going?

[from another room] - I thought we were done.

No. We are not.

Want some coffee?

Sure. Are you using the press?

Is there any other way?


[elapsed time: 15 minutes]
   - Here you go.

Thank you. Shall we continue?

Fire away.
[sipping sounds]

Mmm, good coffee.

Thank you. It’s one of my favorite things.

Before the break, I was asking if you have a favorite story?

That’s tough. Each story has its charm in how it came about and what ideas I was trying to convey. But if I had to choose—

You do.

As I was saying, if I had to choose, it would be Reasonable Hand-drawn Facsimile.


Probably because it has elements of humor. It made me laugh when I thought about it. My editor said that she laughed out loud when she read it. Now, that’s a sign of good humor writing.

Do you consider yourself a humor writer?

Quite a bit of my writing has elements of humor, so yes. I like to make people laugh.

There are quite a few post-apocalyptic stories in the book as well, along with poetry. Poetry? What’s up with that?

I don’t know which came first, the stories or the poems, but I recall coming up with the idea that sometime in the future, writings from after an apocalyptic event would be found. So naturally, I named the series Found. 

That sounds like the premise of the book, A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller Jr.

That’s not far off. I didn’t mean it to be, but as I was coming up with the poems, it was a book that came to mind. It is the first post-apocalyptic book that I remember reading. 

You write many different styles. Do you think that will limit your appeal by segmenting your readership?

Well, I do now. Thanks a lot.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.

Limiting my appeal? Or writing different styles?

I thought I was asking the questions here…

Can’t we have a spirited discourse once in a while?

How long have you been waiting to throw in that word?

Quite some time. Impressed?

Very. OK. Back to my point. I’m just worried that your poetry readers won’t like your science fiction stories and vice versa.

I’ve thought about that. But if I am inspired to write something, I don’t want to limit myself. I still write poetry. It took me four years to publish my first book of poetry—I’m not going to be able to put out another right away. I hope my readership will embrace my eclectic writing.  It is about entertaining and keeping readers engaged.

And how do you do that?

I began to write a blog, which became more of a satirical/humorous take on life. Then when I started my newsletter to keep my readers updated on my writing journey— 

Writing journey. I like that.

Thank you. Anyhow, I try to keep my weekly newsletters informative and entertaining. I hope that people read and appreciate them.

Ever thought of doing a podcast?

I wouldn’t know where to start. Do you?

Not a clue. Last question: Who are The Miniscules I keep hearing about?

You’ve heard about them from other people?

Not really. I just thought that we should mention them.


They are dear to your heart, are they not?

No. Not really. I’d miss them if they went away, though.

But they’re not going anywhere, right?

Nope. They still have lots to say.

Well, thank you for taking to time to answer some questions. Any final thoughts?

You’re going to clean up those beans, right?

Yes. Not to worry…

Don’t forget to take out the garbage when you go.

I’m not going anywhere. I live here.

Oh, right. Another cup of coffee?


Where to find Leon Stevens: Website  / Goodreads / Twitter  / Instagram

Books by the author: The Knot at the End of the Rope Lines by Leon  Journeys

Hostess (Me!): It was great to have you here Leon! Congratulations on everything and good luck for everything that is to come! It was a very entertaining interview. Would love to have you here some other time again! BYEE!

What do all of you think of this interview? Did YOU have fun? Let me know in the comments below.

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