Happy Women’s Day! + A Little Welcome?

“Don’t be scared…Women can handle the worst kind of pain. You’ll find out one day.”

~ gayle forman

I know I am late. I forgot to schedule.😅 So, Happy Women’s Day to all you beautiful people reading this right now!! *this is gonna be awkward* I don’t know what to say except – Fight for yourself! AND KEEP BEING YOURSELF!😅🤠


A smolll welcome!

My very first welcome post was when I had 2 followers – my mom and my best friend 😅. But it’s been a while since then, and I have gained quite a few readers – so, I thought of officially welcoming you guys to my online home!🥰

Welcome to "The Fictional Journal", where I try/hope to encourage people to sing the song of words and paper!

Here, I write a little about movies, a tiny bit about myself, sometimes about feelings and whole lot about books! I don’t really have a schedule, but I try to be consistent and post more than twice a week. I am what people call, “an accidental blogger”. If you want to know more about me, you can check the “About Me” page, where I introduce myself to you as ‘the girl who reads’ 😂 I know. Cringe level A, but I like it.😁

I also run a goodread book club with Cherelle@a bolt out of the book, who I believe is on an unofficial hiatus. Bummer. 😒 Anyways, the book club – BOOKS GO BOOM! is a club where people read books together. Yeah, (pat on the back) real creative right there.😶 Anyways, you get the point. If you are interested, please check the announcement post here. We are reading Legendborn by Tracy Deonn this month (March), so do join if you are interested and don’t worry if you don’t own it. I would be happy to provide you with an ecopy.😎

I am going to be a tad bit busy this next few weeks! I have lots of new content and interesting stuff that I can’t wait to talk about aaand I might be working on a new project with a blogger friend of mine (WHICH IS AMAZIIING!!) So, stay tuned for that!

And tell me how was your day? What are you currently reading? Do you have a hectic-work-hard-to-death week ahead?…or a just-read-sleep-eat week ahead?

Oh and by the way, the name is Ashmita! 😁 What is yours? And do tell me your name, or made up names, or whatever that is you are comfortable with – because it feels real weird when keep referring to you guys by your blog names (which is not very smolll).😂😅


42 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day! + A Little Welcome?

  1. Happy Women’s Day, it’s already over for me, but I’m keen on celebrating it for as long as I can. It touches me so much to see posts like these!! Seriously. There’s nothing more beautiful to me than women empowering each other. Lol can you tell I am a feminist?

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  2. Hey Ash!!!! Happiest Women’s Day!!! And what an AMAZING welcome you gave! Can’t wait to know about that project your so excited about!!🤣 Oh, also I forgot to tell you my name! My name is/are Pannaga, Pannagasri, Swift Walker, Panna, Swifty, TaylorAlan, etc, etc!!

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  3. Happy Belated women’s day!!

    Every day at work is hectic, work hard to death lol … I work with death 💀😮

    My name is Trisha – I have 3 kids, 2 are grown men, and the littlest is 14 yr old little woman lol (although she thinks she knows everything already lol)

    We live in California USA 🇺🇸…

    My favorite movies are ALL comedies mostly…

    For books I like historical things, autobiographies or biographies – I love those!!

    I am not currently reading any books – been too busy lately.

    I have also survived breast cancer – had them removed, and replaced with new. 😮 and I am alive and cancer free (knock on wood) ❤️

    My favorite sports are summer sports – like volleyball or water skiing ❤️

    I live in the country… outside city limits, because is beautiful and peaceful ❤️✌️

    Hope you are well!! Stay safe and pleasure meeting you!

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  4. Omg!! Why was this comment in the spam section?!!! I am soo sorry, but apparently WordPress doesn’t know how to differentiate 😟
    And happy women’s day to you too!! (I am royally late lol) Nice to meet you trisha! Your family sounds awesome! And your daughter sounds exactly like me😆 My mom describes me the same way 😅 I love watching comedies too! but not a lot. Thats alright, you are a reader even if you read just a book. 😇

    And that. Trisha, sounds like a terrifying journey! My grandfather is currently getting treatment for cancer, and I know how much it affects you and everyone around you. 😔 I am glad you made it through!!! Kudos to you trisha!

    Water skiing sounds thrilling. I have never done it..but now I want to try. haaha
    Beautiful and peaceful – sounds lovely 🥰
    Hope you stay well too!! It was great knowing you! Thankx for stopping by my blog! Means a lot to me that you cared to share your story 🥺

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  5. Lol WordPress – it does that to me too and I don’t know where to find the lost comments

    Thank you very much ❤️🙌❤️ love to share stories

    Ps … water skiing is awesome – you would love it!!

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