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there is literally nothing to wrap up, yet here we are

And there goes March. Seriously, I am surprised that Covid is not bored of this whole ordeal. I wonder what sort of sadistic fun it’s having making all the people stay at home. *sighs* Still don’t know how to write a proper intro.

I read nine books in March and I know that nine is not a bad number and that it’s actually pretty good BUT March was truly bad because I disliked more than half the things that I read. I ended up dnf-ing TWO whole books which is very unusual for me. I just….do I really need to verbalize this – I am in a slump. And for this past week all I have done is watch a few movies, listen to tons of songs and annoy my bestie, Panna and to some extent Nehal. This month was just…too bad.

Since, we are here I might as well tell you about the books that I read, didn’t read and hate. And just a disclaimer, I AM FRUSTRATED! So, this post is most probably not going to be a funny or easy-to-read one. I am just venting. Ugh.

Onto the list of some ill-fated books:-

1. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick: Gave it 3 stars. It was fun to read. Personally I don’t think it was very original. I couldn’t even connect with the characters. There were tons of loopholes. It was agonizingly annoying. And guess what’s worse? I own the physical copies of these books.😭

2. Moment of truth by Kasie West: 3.5 stars for this one. This book was not great but it wasn’t that bad either. I buddy read this with Nehal@ Books and Words. This was my first time reading a Kasie West book, and I totally get what all the hype is all about. This was a pretty enjoyable read.😇 Although, I do Believe that this is not her best work, and I definitely hope to read more of this author in future. I was soo bored, that I left Nehal behind and finished it. I am sorry, I just couldn’t find another book to read. Needless to say, she was pissed off. 😂😅

3. White Hot Kiss by Jennifer Armetrout: Finally, something good! So, I wanted to read “From Blood and Ash” series, but I didn’t want to hate it. So, I decided to check if Jennifer’s writing style works for me and it totally did! I gave this a 4.5 stars. Although, it had a lot of similarities with “The Mortal Instruments” series and Cassandra’s writing, I found that Jennifer’s writing is really addictive and fun to read. Plus, I LOVED the ending. This book was just awesome. I decided that I loved Jennifer’s writing, but it would seem that I decided too soon.🙄

4. Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer Armentrout: The second book in the series. This was just downright annoying. 😬Yep. The love triangle was ugh. 😖Please. I am tired of such love triangles. Not original stuff at all. Too predictable and did I say annoying. Nonetheless, I think I really liked how the author handled certain aspects of the book and how it all tied up😅 so, I gave it 4 stars. So far so good.

5. Every Last Breath by Jennifer Armentrout: I just don’t have anything to say except are you serious? Honestly, I feel like the reason I didn’t like this book was because I was too cranky and annoyed at that time and I just took it out on the characters. This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I don’t know about you guys, but for me, how much I like a book also depends on my mood and how I am feeling at that time. This was just expected. Didn’t like it at all. But, I also feel like if I go back and re- read it after like a few months or something., I am gonna like it because I usually like books like this. *sighs* Timing is everything. 😩

6. Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron: Just blank. I usually don’t roast books, I feel bad doing that but I really want to roast this book, that is how much I didn’t like it. I buddy read this with Amanda, but we both hated it lol. We decided to dnf it. And I roasted a lot about it with her, but I would feel to bad writing all negative stuff about this book here. Don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings. So, let’s just leave it at – I really didn’t get the hype and I personally think that it is much more suitable for a younger audience. Also, the characters were just ..not very memorable and likable I guess. The only thing that I found interesting was – how the author had fabricated the true story of Cinderella.😒 I had high hope for this one.

7. Descent of the Drowned Ana Lal Din: Another ARC I had high hopes for…but it was playing with my patience. I swear it was. Gosh, it was soo slow. I felt like I was trying to push a truck. Again, I blame it on my slump honestly. Because, this book, whatever few pages I had read was actually pretty good. It has a lot of potential and many people loved it. So, please don’t decide about this book, from my opinion alone. It was just too slow for me and the first half felt like an info dump. So, I had to dnf it. If you know how to handle slow books and wait for the end for things to start picking up – you should definitely check this one out. Here’s my review.

8. Mercurial by Naomi Hughes: This was the highlight of this month really. I loved this ARC. Highly entertaing, diverse characters, female on female romance, fast paced, magic, evil queens, mistreated princess – Loved it!🤩 This was honestly the best book of the month. I really hope more people read it becasue it deserves to be read. I loved this book more, because I HATE the resurrection trope. I hate it when dead people don’t stay dead. I mean, if they must live then don’t kill them. Why bother? Do something creative. BUT this one used this trope in such a round about and clever manner that I loved it. Plus, it’s a stand alone!!! I gave it 4.5 stars. My review.

9. Astrid and Apollo and the Puppy Surprise: So, I got an ARC of this book from Netgalley. The release date is on 2nd April, so I will be posting the review then. I loved this sheerly because of its cuteness. It’s a children’s book, around 60 pages long, with colourful pictures and such a relaxing tone. What’s not to love?!

Does anyone find it weird that my best reads of the month were ARCs? I am motivated XD

How was your reading month? Did you read anything worth mentioning and maybe something that will get me out of my slump?!

67 thoughts on “there is literally nothing to wrap up, yet here we are

  1. My mood definitely affects how I feel about what I’m reading! I hope you’ll give Armentrout’s books another try after you’re feeling better, so you can appreciate them. 😉 Seriously, hope you get out of your slump and get to feeling better overall!!

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  2. so agree w your thoughts on Hush Hush – like I liked it but it wasn’t anything all that original?? Or special?? Also I’ve been meaning to read more of Jennifer L Armentrout so glad to see you liked the White Hot Kiss – although love triangles ANNOY me – sooo might not be able to handle books 2 and 3 but we shall see….

    Great wrap up!

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  3. I agree with you about Cinderella is Dead. I mean, I didn’t find it thaaaat bad but it definitely didn’t live up to the hype. I wouldn’t say that it’s good for a younger audience especially because sexual assault is a common theme in the book, but the writing style wasn’t great, I agree. Yeah, there was just a lot of planning and not much actual doing and it just felt…bland, to me.

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  4. Argh I feel you, I think I’m lowkey getting into a reading slump but I’m really hoping I’m wrong or that at least I can push through it :/
    I too find that my mood influences what I end up thinking of a book so you’re not alone : P
    I’ve also weirdly had a lot of luck with arcs this year! Two that I read are actually some of my favourites so far in the year so 🤷‍♀️

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  5. I DNF’d the Hush Hush series at the beginning of Book 3 😬 So I get what you mean.

    And I LOVE Jennifer L. Armentrout, she has been my most read author for YEARS, and I can’t get enough of her books. However, she does write very weird endings to her series (at least, all of the ones I’ve read and finished), so I get why Every Last Breath wasn’t your favorite. Also, you’re right, timing is everything 😕

    Lovely wrap up Ashmita!!

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  6. I feel you with that slump. I guess I too was a little slump-y in February and the first half of March. I picked up all my 5 star predictions but nearly all of them ended up disappointing me. But I think the Aurora Cycle books got me out of my slump, and also have become my new favs (though I am still reading Burning). Hope you have a better month from tomorrow!

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  7. Hey!!! Read Listen to your heart, maybe this time and on the fence by kasie west! They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah also, the pivot point books. You’ll really like them!!!

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  8. I so get you. I read 3 books which is my usual but I’m still frustrated because 2 of them I read them like a chore and not because I was really into them. But The Guest List by Lucy Foley was really good. Also definitely check out Madeline Miller (if you haven’t)- her two books are now my favourite books ever.

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  9. oof. Just oof. I hate reading slumps. It’s just so frustrating!!!!!!!! 😱
    My month was pretty good, with around 11 books. I read the Percy Jackson series, the first HoO book, reread the first KOTLC book. Also a couple graphic novels.
    I also read this really sweet stand-alone: The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise.

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  10. Cinderella is Dead is on my TBR so now I’m a little scared to read it 😂 Hope April is a good reading month for you! ❤

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  11. I’m hoping April is an all around better month ❤ Reading slumps are the devil. Becca Fitzpatrick is an author I would neeeeeeeeever read anything from her again. Her books are honestly some of the worst things written.This was a great wrap up! 🙂

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  12. I am sorry to scare you 😅 I was really frustrated with some of the books and of course this slump that I am in. Short stories and horror is truly not my preferred genre. 😅 Anyways good luck and thanks for the comment! 😄

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  13. Glad that you relate! At least I was not the only one frustrated this month. 😂😅 Yes, the guest list! I have been seeing this book everywhere! Must get to it. And yeah!! Madeline Miller books are lovely! Especially for someone like me who loves Greek mythology. Thankx for mentioning it.

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  14. Ahhh!!! Aurora rising!!! I loved it!! It’s one of my fav too!! And did you see the cover of the last book?! It’s fin! I am kinda scared lol. And getting no results for 5 star prediction is almost comical 😂🤦 I get you though.

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  15. I think I like her writing and story style too!! I still plan to binge read literally all of her books 😂😅 but I think I might hate them since I am in a slump and I don’t want that. So I am just waiting for the perfect timing 😁❤️ and the hush hush series 😭😭 a nightmare honestly. 😂😅🤦

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  16. Oh yes I did!! Aurora’s End, right? How I wish for September to come already!
    And yeah I know its comical😂, but personally I think the books were not as much to blame as my slump-ey mood was.
    Anyways, great post!

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