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reading #vloginwords || watch me crawl my way through this wretched slump + new fav? #101

Hello! So, today I thought of trying something new but not exactly. So, I keep watching these reading vlogs in youtube, and usually I hate watching longgg videos BUT I really enjoy watching some of these vlogs and suddenly I got this weird urge to do one too! But I don’t have a booktube channel so, I decided to write a vlog, since I already have a blog! Genius, am I not? Since, this is my first time literally cataloging what I do, and my thoughts while reading this book, there might be a few spoilers but I will warn you! Let me know if you enjoy this!

31st March, Wednesday

I AM IN A SLUMP. Which, if you have read my previous post you know. In fact, I just posted my wrap-up yesterday, and it just had soo many negative stuff in it and now I just soo frustrated with this slump, that I can’t even reply to all those comments by all of you lovely guys ugh! I feel like, it will just depress me more. lol.

So, Alex Jo just reminded me that we are supposed to buddy read “Cemetery boys” by Aiden Thomas, from the first of April. A part of me is: now I am dead for sure. This is definitely the part where I tell him that I have forever lost my ability to read 😳 but then another part of me hopes that it will help me get out of the slump. I am soo terrible that I am making him read just a chapter a day, because I can’t do more than that now. ugh. I have the book ready, audiobook downloaded. Now, let’s see what happens.

So, it’s 2.21 am now. I didn’t get any reading done. Are you surprised? I had a bunch of assignments and work to do. and then I started annoying Panna, who is also in a sort of reading slump. I should be empathetic, but I am evil. 😂

1st April, Thursday

End of April officially. How boring. Anyways, surprise! I got some reading done! Also, no surprise! It’s only a chapter. lol. Also no surprise! I went into this book, not knowing anything. Didn’t even read the synopsis. (sighs)

Anyways, let me deliver the good news: I’m on page 26 of 352. A huge round of applause for me please. Thank you. I am reading this incredibly slowly. I am trying to work my way through this wretched reading slump. I really like the premise of this book. I despise horror-y/ghost-y stuff but I am getting such a strong throwback to “Coco”!! I love that movie! And apparently a character named Miguel dies in the first chapter itself. I mean…talk about rotten luck 🤦 This is not A HUGE spoiler, don’t worry. It’s mentioned in the synopsis itself.

Also, I just checked that there are 25 chapters.😱 Someone kill me now. I am pretty sure Alex is annoyed.

2nd April, Friday

I am on page 62! ACHIEVEMENT! Gah! I really hate reading slumps 😩 anyways, I am listening to the audiobook and I just wanted to hop in and say that I love the narrator – Avi Roque. The accent, the different voices for each of the characters AND their thoughts! It’s fab! And I love Julian which is by the way pronounced as “huliaan.”

3rd April, Saturday

For the first time in my life 100 pages seems like an achievement and don’t get me wrong – the book is fab! I am just in a slump. Ugh. [Spoilers: Okay, so I have a theory and I think it’s also a kind of prediction – Miguel and Julian were killed as part of a sacrifice. The four daggers thing….that lita can’t find. Plus, I think that the person doing it is Catriz…I kinda like him. But I still think it’s him.]

4th April, Sunday

Prediction: this is definitely gonna be a five star book.

5th April, Monday

I am on page 200! Whoa! That feels nice. I think Julian, is the most sweetest person ever! Also he is scorpio and the way Maritza talks about him makes me feel called out XD

Page 240 update: This book makes me wanna be gay boy just so I could be with Julian.

Page 260 update: Everything about Julian just hits soo close to home! [Spoiler: Also that part where Yadriel’s dad finally accepts him into the community as a trans male. 🤧]

It’s 2.30 am in case you are interested. I am totally high on adrenaline right now. I feel like I could run a few kilometres. I am on page 290 and goshhh! That was really intense. I literally felt like I couldn’t read fast enough! And we have a Julian pov!!! Omg and my prediction was right regarding…uh spoilers.

AND it’s done. Well, it was a pretty awesome book! I want to say that I am out of the slump but I don’t wanna curse it so yeah.

I don’t think it’s a five star. I think it’s definitely a solid 4.5 stars though. I don’t know. I need to sit on it, sleep on it, think on it and then properly digest the story. I think it was something about the ending that got me. Let’s see. I will have a review up soon!

Also, let me know if you like this sort of #vloginwords. And if you would like to see more of this!

Your opinion matters a lot to me, so don’t hesitate.🥰

30 thoughts on “reading #vloginwords || watch me crawl my way through this wretched slump + new fav? #101

  1. This is a great idea! Gaaaah I hate slumps! I’m not really in a reading slump but I’ve been having a lot of art block recently so I can relate 🤧

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  2. This was a lot of fun to read! Cemetery Boys is on my priority TBR list and seeing that it helped you get out of your slump makes me think that I’m really going to like it 😁

    Liked by 2 people

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