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characters who are likely to jump-scare you?

Hello!! How was your day? Mine was hectic and I desperately needed a good laugh so I decided to jump-scare, my mom.😁 Yeah, I ALWAYS do that, and my mom ALWAYS falls for it. I have no idea why, but it’s so funny when mother gets scared like that. I have to share this – one time, it was really dark inside the house ’cause you see, the lights weren’t turned on, and she was returning from the kitchen to go to the bedroom and I was crouching behind the sofa. I jump scared her and she literally thought I was some sort of insect. I mean, I didn’t know whether to laugh 😑 or be offended. 😂 But her reactions always get me, seriously.

So, I decided to make a list of characters who seemed really goofy and likely to jump-scare you and have fun while doing it.


Do I need an explaination? I mean they are the legendary pranksters! I put nothing past them! Fred and George are two of my most favourite go-to characters if I ever need a laugh honestly. So funky, witty, charming – they have my heart. Always.


Kenji is a side character from the Shatter Me series, and he is soo underrated that it breaks my heart! I see so many people dnf-ing the first book and everytime I wish I could scream at them – At least stick around till the second book!! You are missing out on Kenji! I admit that the other characters could be a bit cringey but Kenji is REAL. I am like that person in the friend group, who always makes jokes and makes you laugh; so, sometimes when I am down, it gets really hard to maintain that facade and you can’t really tell anyone because your job is to uplift the spirit of the group and loosen up things. So, I think I could realate tons with him. He is the one attempting to mess up Warner’s hair in the picture, by the way.


Aha! Have you read These Violent Delights? It’s a YA fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Wait! Don’t back off becuase it’s soo much more better than just a retelling. You must read. It’s filled with action, wit, snarky comments, mortal enemies, the iconic friends to lovers to enemies to lovers to enemies. But I am here to talk about the really awesome cool handsome gay Marshall who is also korean. He is, take my word for it, the most funkiest character that I have ever met! He is definitely hiding around the corner to scare you, I am PRETTY sure. He is th one beside the blonde boy, in the picture.


This is a recent favourite character of mine from the book Cemetery Boys. Julian is bad-boy ghost whom Yadriel summons and is now stuck with lol. Julian is this reckless, crazy, fun-loving and the most ALIVE person I have ever come across. He is a scorpio and he is just soo angry and hurt and funny and laid back type of person. I am definitely not like him, but there were certsin aspects that I find soo relatable! I absolutely adore him. I feel like he is someone who would jump-scare you in a terribly embarrassing manner and NEVER stop teasing you about it.


I don’t think Calaena is someone who will jump scare you for the fun of it, but more likely to startle you and then slit your throut. OUCH! Beware of this one guys! She can be vicious, but she will always have my heart! Her character arc is literally the best thing I have read. If you like reading books which deal with trauma, mental health, a lil’ bit of romance and lots of heartwarming character development (in short a Sarah J. Maas book), you will love her and the books.


I wanted Calaena to be the last one in the list BUT suddenly Mr. Fantastic Fox came to my mind as if he wanted to be on this list. haha. How many of you know him? I met him when I was very smoll, I don’t remember much except that he made me laugh and now he wants to be here. lol. Anyways, this is completely off topic, but I just have to ask. Speaking of Mister, how many of you have heard Taylor Swift’s Mr. Perfectly Fine?

Also, I did a similar post like this before, which was a list of characters who are likley to pick noses in public. I know, gross. But it was fun XD. Do check it out if you are interested!

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Do you have any character in mind who should have been here?

Also, is this thing actually called “Jump-scare”? Correct me if I am wrong! 🖤

48 thoughts on “characters who are likely to jump-scare you?

  1. Where do you get your post ideas from because they are all so awesome.
    Haha YES the weasley twins are so much likely to jump scare you, as well as fantastic Mr fox. I’m planning on reading these violent delights next month so fingers crossed!! I love this post💕

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  2. This is the greatest! George and Fred were the first ones to come to mind. They were the highlights of those books for me. I used to do jump scares as a kid. I’m that person that loves scaring others but hates being scared lol

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