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Reblog: friendship and hangouts — The Tomboy’s Attic

so, my online best friend just wrote a poem for me and i feel so special and just *sniffles* ..just ignore me while i bawl my eyes out guys. i love her soo much, and i am soo glad to have a friend like her. so, do go visit her website and give her a follow because gurl is 10 followers short of 200!! she writes amazing poems, songuage, book reviews, and sometimes plays pranks on us timid readers, which i very RELUCTANTLY admit are crazy good, but they do make me want to strangle her.

i love you panna!! and i hope we never stop being friends. thank you for such an amazing poem! you are one of the most amazing, fun-loving, quirky, gorgeous person i have ever met. i wouldn’t change anything for the world. <33

Hey guys!!! So, I came up with this series called the “FRIENDSHIP WEEK” which has everything got to do with friendship. This is similar to the “UNREQUITED WEEK” I had done once upon a time. I’ll post poems, about my friends for the whole week. I’m thinking one poem a day. But I have more […]


*i am still crying and jumping*

24 thoughts on “Reblog: friendship and hangouts — The Tomboy’s Attic

  1. Ahh! Ash! You didn’t have to. But thanks all the same. And stop saying thank you. And stop crying too😆❤️

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  2. Ah, it’s wonderful! Also, read the poem that was written by your friend and it is so pure🥺 just loved it. Did follow her as well. You guys are amazing. I’m rooting for both of you:)

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  3. There are poems filled with big words. You know, the kind where you have to search the meanings for these awfully fancy words. But, when you look at them in depth, you will find them hollow, lacking in feeling. This poem is simply written, but beautiful. It shows the innocent friendship between the two of you. I hope you will remain good friends forever.

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