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may wrap-up || read 15 books || fav series + re-reads + trashy romance

after the disaster that last month was, i couldn’t believe that i read 15 books! okay, so we are going to ignore the fact that i read a lot of romance this month, and half of them were what we like to refer to as trashy novels. so, yeah fifteen fucking books. a lot – i know. but half of them don’t matter. and at first i toiled with the idea of actually making a wrap-up, because like i said half of them were trashy reads, and i needed distraction. but eh well everyone does these wrap-ups, so why not? i am not going to talk about all the books – just the ones that i really really liked.

Jane doe and the key of all souls

Jane Doe and the Key of All Souls (The Jane Doe Chronicles Book 2) eBook:  Lachlan, Jeremy: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

i didn’t officially post the review here on my blog because i was late. the first 15% of the book is pretty slow. but if you stick around, jeremy’s eccentric characters and the lovely world is totally worth it. i completely adored the character, jane doe! she was a dear, and i think one of the best middle-grade characters that i have come across! easy to read, with a really breezy language- it’s the perfect book for early teens and younger people, seeking to escape into some other world!

gutter girl

Blog Tour – Review – GUTTER GIRL (Twin River High Series) by Lynn Rush and  Kelly Anne Blount | THHernandez

i think i have screamed enough about this book. still haven’t read the second book by the same authors. bummer. but i plan to soon. and no. it’s not a series. here’s my full review. if you are looking for a light read, with a little bit of romance, and lots of reference to pop culture, sarcastic characters, and really savage comebacks, and of course cutesy “special” names, go for it!

from blood and ash series

as usual little impulsive me decided to read this series, even though i had no plans to. and this decision really annoyed the hell out of me. if you don’t know, i have started working on my own novel, and i wasn’t reading a lot of books, because i needed to focus. and i thought for some weird reason that i am not going to get distracted by this, but guess what? i ignored the world for like four days straight. didn’t reply to any texts, e-mails, or even open my book. i was on a reading spree ahhh! not gonna waste your time talking about this series, because i have a lot to say, and definitely want to make different posts on them. in case you are interested, my average rating for this series is 4.5 stars. but if any of you have read and liked it, pleease tell me. i need to scream about it, because i can’t wait till next year for the sequel to come out!!

throne of glass series

and yess!! thy has seen it right. i have started re-reading my favorite series for the sixth time, but this time i am buddy reading it with my best friend! and trust me when i say there is nothing more fun than forcing your best friend to read your favorite book, and then watching them fall in love with your fav characters, and then fighting over fictional crushes! honestly, i am having a blast re-reading this series with panna @ the tomboy’s attic. and i keep spamming her chat with fanarts each time she reaches an exciting part and rambling soo much about this series. and i am glad that she is liking this series, because our friendship would have been on the line XD. just kidding.

other trashy books i read and kind loved/liked:

|| scandalous by l. j. shen || PRETTY RECKLESS BY L. J. SHEN || VICIOUS BY L. J. SHEN || ANGRY GOD BY L. J. SHEN ||


*if you are interested to know my rating for the above books, just add me on goodreads, i had love to be friends! i didn’t want to elaborate on these here because these have a lot of smut and romance as a big part of the plot, and i am pretty sure that most of you don’t like it lol. but not gonna lie, a romance book always keeps me out of a slump or helps me get out of one. and after reading from blood and ash series i needed it. haha*

71 thoughts on “may wrap-up || read 15 books || fav series + re-reads + trashy romance

  1. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU READ THE BLOOD AND ASH SERIES! It’s my all-time favourite series and I’m dying waiting for Book 4! 😭 I’m so excited to read your post about the series! Can’t wait!

    Also, 15 books is still insane! Also L. J. Shen and Penelope Douglas? I’ve got all their books collecting dust on my Kindle! 😢 I should pick them up ASAP!

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Woo, I read more books than last month too! 🙌
    (also, I totally relate to what you said about forcing your best friend to read you fave series – I just did it to one of them with KOTLC 😆… which reminds me, what happened to you reading KOTLC with Panna, eh? 🤨)

    Liked by 6 people

  3. I loved the first two books too!! I am so glad you told me this haha. All the bloggers that I know personally have hated it 😭 and yesssss!! You can never really read tog too many times! I hope you enjoy the crown of gilded bones alis 🥰


  4. Hhaha soo true. I feel weirdly weird and exposed while talking about them 👀 but they are really cool at times. Not gonna lie, some of them really help get out of a slump, or prevent a slump and some of them are actually pretty cool. Glad you agree Amanda ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG AHHHHH I HAVE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY LIKED IT!!!!! I AM DYING TOO! IT ENDED ON SUCH A BAD NOTE 😭 and I am soo glad that you are excited. I am nervous though. My mind becomes a jumble each time I think of it haha.

    And ikr! 😂😅 I couldn’t believe it either. And yeah lj shen is great author!! I really hope you try it out!! Do pick them up!!!! ✨❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahh ikr!! Haha it doesn’t matter 💜 you are a reader as long as you enjoy reading books no matter the number I guess. And don’t worry. 😂 I had a disastrous past month 😂 I read five books and three of them were picture books which were arcs 😂🤦 thankx a bunch Clarice! Here’s to a better month 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. WOW CONGRATS FOR THE GIGANTIC WRAPUP!!!! i really want to ream the from blood and ash series these days as well and maybe i will now thanks to you!!!

    Liked by 4 people

  8. OMG 15? That’s so great, ashmita!! 💜 I really need to read ToG 😭 Gutter Girl sounds like something I definitely need to check out!! Loved reading this 💕

    Liked by 3 people

  9. You can have Rowan dude! I won’t fight for him with you! Especially when I already have Leo in my heart! But gaah! Thanks for recommending the series! I’m in love with it! And the fan arts are truly adorable (not the right word, I guess 😂) Also, I badly wanna read that gutter girl book!

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  10. Omg yesssssssssssssss and noo!! 😂😂 I mean from what I saw of nyktos – he is either too private or a complete sexist who believes in patriarchy. And if it’s the later I am gonna hate it 😒 but Jennifer has really great female characters so I can’t wait to see how that comes out to be!! And not to mention the fact that he was soo cold hearted and cryptic and gahhhh!!! I really want to know all the back stories and stuff. Hopefully it will keep me sane till I find out. What happens to casteel 😭😩 and omg I miss Kieran soooooo much!!! I love him ❤️ I think he is one of the best side characters ever honestly ugh!


  11. I’m so worried about Casteel too! 😭 And I can’t wait for more badasd Poppy with the gang! 😍 Oooooh you’re gonna love Nyktos 😉 You should join the Blood and Ash Spoiler Group on FB and check out all the teasers! I’m already thirsting after Daddy!Nyktos 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Ohhh 15 books in a month! 😍 H-how?! 😍😍😍 I’ve never heard of Gutter Girl but definitely checking it out now! I have to check out Jane Doe and the Key of all Souls too! 🤔 I have been searching for some good middle grade to read this year. I feel my TBR growing…and I have no regrets! 😂😍

    Liked by 3 people

  13. ‘Forcing your friend to read your favourite book and watching them fall in love with it’? BEST IDEA EVER. It’s like the best ‘I told you so’ moment😂

    Liked by 3 people

  14. 😂😂 I don’t usually have crushes on fictional characters. I like them but I don’t want them for myself. So i wouldn’t have fought with you 😂 but thank you❤️ and ahh leo valdez 😘 I am glad that you like the series!!! Despite it being slow and boring at times haha. And I really hope you get to read gutter girl!!! ❤️✨

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  15. Ikr!!!! I couldn’t believe it myself either haha. I am glad I read though because this month was holiday – sumer vacation. And now after school repopens I won’t get a lot of time. So yeah. Gutter girl is super cool!! I hope you like it!! Ahh personally I love middle grades but this book is not the best out there haha. You could try reading the girl who drank the moon or his dark materials series. Trust me. They will steal your heart. ❤️❤️❤️

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  16. Ahhh yassssssszzzz!!!!! I can’t wait either!!! Ahh can’t wait to read more nyktos stuff!! And I am not there in fb 😞 but doesn’t matter. The snippets would kill me more ahh. 😂 I can’t wait to see him either. I am really curious about the consort though 🧐

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