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feelings || excerpt from a book i’m writing #102


Emotions. Anger. Hurt. Love. Happiness. Frustration. Hope.

More anger.



So many feelings. People say that you can die from the emptiness inside you. But I wonder, why do they never say that the vast oceans and waves inside you can drown you as well.

What about those people who drown in their emotions? Who feel too much?

Too much all at once?

And when those lovely emotions cascade down your body, seeps through every pore, every cell. Overwhelming you. Choking you.

You can’t take it but oh, how can you get rid of it? It is, but your heart.

How do you reach inside you?

How do reach outside you?

You can’t go anywhere.

You are stuck right there in the sea of those treacherous tears and pain.

You are stuck in the heart of your heart.

You are not empty. Definitely not. But then you wonder, wouldn’t it be so much better if you could just drown in that darkness? And then have the privilege of claiming, “Yes, I am. I am empty. And I don’t feel.”


61 thoughts on “feelings || excerpt from a book i’m writing #102

  1. THIS. IS. SO. GOOD!! I’ve been reading it over and over for the past 5 minutes. What is the story about? Any more you’re willing to share? Obviously, only if you’re comfortable with that ❤❤❤

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  2. Ashhhh I love these excerpts! What’s your book about, if you’re okay with sharing? I’d love to know, especially after reading these. 🤩💙

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  3. Feelings can be so complex so this was a great way to break it down! This is only an excerpt but the book sounds super cool! When can we hear more about it?😉

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  4. Ashmita!!!!! I really badly wanna read ur book dude. I ACTUALLY FELT THIS. LIKE FOR REAL! WHEN I WAS READING IT. Sad. Beautiful. Tragic. It’s so relatable. Please allow me to read ur book before publishing. I cried uk, when I read this.

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