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books i read recently ft. it’s been a while

less than a month. that’s how long i was gone, and mr. wordpress, this is what you chose to do? someone please start a riot because this new formatting is, i kid you not, hurting my eyes. what is this new aversion to the apostrophe?! anyways, the reason this is not october wrap-up, but just a bunch of books i read recently, is because – well, you might have guessed it already. i didn’t read a lot in october because the rotten slump had infected me and as you can, i am pretty sure, relate – i made some pretty darn bad decisions. now, that’s what i like to call a big wordy sentence. charles dickens, you better be proud of me.

Book Cover

Title: The Darkest Night

Series: Lords of the Underworld#1

Genre: Fantasy Romance


i came across this book on a GoodReads list. and i know, jokes on me. it’s been ages since those lists have been updated, but honestly just go and check out the synopsis. if you have a thing for fantasy and romance, rest assured you will be intrigued. also, rest assured that you will lose a few brain cells if you do decide to read it. but worry not, we can grieve about them together.

i mean the characters were cardboard and what ticked me the most was they talked like, “want you”, “want me?”, etc. i mean dear good lord, what happened to full sentences?! dude talk in text lang if u must, but pls speak human lang. and yeah, the smut was sizzly but it was super stupid with flawless skin and monstrous dicks. uh huh, the usual.

Book Cover

Title: You Deserve Each Other

Series: Stand-Alone

Genre: NA contemporary

Rating: ★★★★✪

you need to head over right now, scrounge some money, and get this book because this was lit. it’s about two people who are the perfect image of a happy couple in love but they are far from it. their wedding is in three months – as far as i remember – and neither wants to call off the wedding because they have already spent a lot of money on it. and the game is whoever calls off, has to pay off the bills.

and that is where the prank battles begin. there wasn’t a single moment i didn’t have a smile on my face. even with tears, i was smiling. i mean this was hands down one of the most hilarious and stupidest book I have ever read. funny, sarcastic, utterly fictional, and yet so so so REAL. highly recommend.

Book Cover

Title: The Legacy

Series: Off-Campus#5

Genre: NA Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★★

i absolutely adore the off-campus series (despite their uh questionable covers) and i was so excited when i found out that elle was having another book come out with four short stories following the characters three years after graduation. and well, i do have my biases and i wasn’t a huge fan of all of them but i had an incredible time reading this book.

it just proved why this series is my comfort read. going to sound terribly cringey right now but this book is a fucking legacy. it was a delight to read all those college guys grown up, so mature, and moving on with life. and getting everything they deserve. although they don’t exactly behave very maturely all the time, I loved it. and I hope Alexander and Cassandra become a never-ending joke. if you know, you know.

here’s my fav in order:

  • hannah and garrett (i believe in their supremacy, always)
  • logan and grace (the cutest of the lot, hands down)
  • sabrina and tucker (damn, that was some honeymoon)
  • dean and allie (the ending was cool and I STILL find Allie annoying)

Title: Stormbreaker; Point Blank

Series: Alex Rider#1, #2

Genre: Middle-Grade Thriller

Rating: ★★★★

okay, next i was in the mood for something super fast-paced so i went and hunted out my alex rider copy. and honestly, it was like dipping my toes into a river of nostalgia. i had a great time. no complaints whatsoever. if you like spy stuff, and secret agencies, and jam-packed action scenes – this is your cuppa tea. and if you hate james bond, then definitely go get it.

Book Cover

Title: Shadow in the Ember

Series: Flesh And Fire#1

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Rating: ★★★★

i studied and read this book alternately. and then i woke up in the morning to read a few more pages and then it’s like — QUEEN OF …

AND WHY ISN’T THE PAGE TURNING. Literally stabbed my phone a few times.

4 stars ’cause the starting was pretty dull and too slow but once you hit the 150-page mark it picks up well enough and it’s pretty fast-paced from around 450-ish. it was kind of hard to get into because the characters felt too much like poppy and casteel, but the eerie similarity made sense in the end. i am not too hyped about the prophecy because it felt too directional? but we had dragons! (of sorts) and female warriors!

i still want to murder a certain person because they told me that from blood and ash was a trilogy and I should go ahead and finish it and here I am pining. get the shovel, someone.

Book Cover

Title: Clockwork Angel

Series: The Infernal Devices#1

Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

Rating: ★★★★

and i finished clockwork angel just a few hours ago and it’s safe to say it has influenced me greatly because just look at my writing style. ugh, i sound medieval. but jokes aside, i loved this book and i want to write a full post on it. and i will hopefully get around to it soon.

i read a few more terrible books and i am not sharing them because well, they were terrible. but these were some super fun books and i would love to hear about some of the books that you’ve read and moved this month. see ya in the comments below! <33

36 thoughts on “books i read recently ft. it’s been a while

  1. Hi Ashmita ❤❤ after such a long time! Ahh you read so many books 😭😭 I read only 5 books or something!!!!!! Loves this wrap-up though. And how are you?

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Even after the slump, sounds like you had a great reading month. I absolutely loved The Infernal Devices and I’m so happy you’re reading it!
    And yay, I loved the Off Campus series as well but I didn’t know about that novella and I want to read it.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ohno! So sad to hear that you’ve stumbled onto a few bad books too — but happy there’s atleast a good bunch! ☺️

    I’ve been wanting to read you deserve each other for quite a while! My ex was also telling me he enjoyed the Alex Rider books growing up too! But I didn’t read them 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, I had quite a few good finds! Deserve each other is a great read! If you want a good laugh, I highly recommend it. Haha well if you do decide to read it someday I hope you enjoy. Although I feel like you won’t, because it’s a hard core middle grade and the only reason I enjoyed it was probably nostalgia. ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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