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bookworms and materialistic traits ~ ft. my cover reads

hello, my materialistic friends. recently, i came across this scathing comment on twitter (not on my account), about people not buying books and people buying books. this post is a completely unplanned assortment of my thoughts spurred by it. i hope you enjoy.

there is always a reason or a small story behind everything that you buy.

a story behind every story in the case of books, even if it is as simple as a want to delve into a new fictional world. there have been quite a few times in the past when i have solely picked up a book because of its pleasing cover. of course, those greed laddened decisions have backfired on me more times than i can count; but i did manage to stumble upon a few that were just as mesmerizing as their covers if not more.

here’s a small bit of question for you to chew on: why do we truly love pretty books? besides the obvious that it looks good in pictures, on display on your shelf, and contributes a lot to the success of the book (by which i mean numbers and sales).

personally, i feel like we are drawn to gorgeous books because they can serve for a more immersive experience.

think about it – how many times do run your fingers over a glossy cover marveling at the texture? how many times do you come across a particularly interesting thing in the story and immediately flip to the cover, in hopes of getting a glimpse of it? how many seconds do you waste pondering upon the cover of your most anticipated release, hunting for bits and pieces of your comfort characters?

the answer is innumerable.

i know there are lots of opinions surrounding book hauls and it is a very sensitive issue for most people. i agree. it’s not like i have the privilege of buying every book i have ever wanted. but i think it would serve people good to remember that things are not always what they seem on the surface. there is always more to it.

many people wonder how it is that i have amassed such a huge collection of books? i think the first thing to remember would be that there is a reason it’s called a collection. it means the gathering of things over years and prioritizing books over everything else. not gonna lie, but i don’t own more than half the books i read – there is library, friends i borrow from, and of course, the internet – which i do realize is not a very glorifying deed but it’s like you are caught up in circles and endless loops of wanting to support the author, craving to read a new story that everyone but you is talking about, and pining after books not yet released in your country.

i would love to know your thoughts on this topic because it’s fascinating how we never hesitate to shun so-called shallow people but is being materialistic not another trait of being shallow? then what does that make us?

here are a few of my favorite books that i read solely because of the cover and ended up loving them <33 and a few quotes to accompany them because why not. (out of these mercurial and the dream and the muse were sent to me by authors for review.)
Book Cover

~ i am oxygen, and he’s dying to breathe

all i ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart ~


~ finding the end of a journey satisfactory does not erase the pain of the path that brought you there

i came back, because i could no longer pretend, even to myself, that i don’t love you ~

Book Cover


Book Cover

~ maybe it’s wrong for us to hold any one person as our whole world. Maybe…it’s wrong of us to owe all of our happiness or sadness to one person

just because something doesn’t seem right to most, doesn’t mean it’s not right for you ~


~ i’m a woman with a bad attitude and disreputable hoodie, who reads the dictionary for fun and has a deep fear of ennui. take it or leave it

i’m an old dream with a delightful demeanor and fancy coat, who built a fool-proof plan and eschews all eenui. take it or leave it ~

Book Cover


Book Cover

~ there’s a japanese phrase that i like: koi no yokan. it doesn’t mean love at first sight. it’s closer to love at second sight. it’s the feeling when you meet someone that you’re going to fall in love with them. maybe you don’t love them right away, but it’s inevitable that you will


care to share a few of your cover reads down in the comments below?

30 thoughts on “bookworms and materialistic traits ~ ft. my cover reads

  1. I just got some book yesterday and I can say I hope to enjoy my november. How could people not to love to read?😭

    I love books and I agree with you. It’s called a collection because we are collecting something worth more than book; memories, history and facts.

    I specially love this post🤝🤝🥺

    You can visit my website too
    Just got back from blogging after trying to que😅👏👏

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  2. I don’t like to reading ebooks but they are better than keep amassing physical books spending money on them just to read one time make the shelf pretty. Love for reading and books doesn’t require to buy books, after all we need to keep an eye on our pocket as well.

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  3. I can’t say that I cover buy.. I only go maybe once a month/two months so I buy 4-5 of them, BUT I priorise the books i’ve seen online & heard so much praise from. I also take so much time to consider IF id be in the mood for that book or if another book looks more interresting at the time (iswear I switch like four times 🤣🤣 then ihave to just go because theres too many)

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  4. I loved this post so much, Ashmita, and glad to see you back! ❤️❤️
    Inheritance Games and City of Shattered Light are both ones that I picked up because of the cover, and I ended up loving both of them so much!


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