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ashmita’s 2021 in a nutshell

what a narcissist! well, why you are welcome because i am about to present to you a list of them, *ahem* i am still working on the number of things i want to add but let me tell you that these will blow your mind. or rather these blew my mind. i thought it would be fun to share my best watches and listens of the year as well, so i hope you enjoy. but just in case you are interested in any specific topic, you can use the anchor links below in the contents to skip to any section. also, beware – the grapihcs are going to blind you because i overdid myself haha. anyways, welcome to my end of the year wrap up a.k.a ashmita’s 2021 in a nutshell but only the best, fear not.


favorite reads of the year

fantasy books

thriller books

contemporary books

favorite tv stuff of the year

favorite albums of the year

more ramblings


  • books read: 102
  • pages read: 43770
  • average rating: 3.5
  • standalone: 31
  • part of series: 57

favorite reads of the year

fantasy books

these violent delights by chloe gong. a historical fantasy? worry not for it has females with diamond weapons around their necks, monsters, enemies-to-lovers, blood feud (*whisper yells* it’s a romeo juliet retelling), and lastly it’s set in 1927 shanghai and i sincerely hope you know what that entails because you are in for a rough rough ride.

cemetery boys by aiden thomas. talking to dead ghosts. ashmita, *cough cough* ghosts are dead you know. oh, but noo! they can be alive too. intrigued? then go with this one because with stunning LGBTQ rep and lantinx heritage-inspired, it’s gonna be a treat to your heart if you loved the movie coco.

mercurial by naomi hughes. aha! finally some underrated stuff. a fantasy stand-alone that does not disappoint, ties up loose ends, has sufficient romance, LGBTQ rep, death and gore, and lovely character arcs. yep, you wanna read i know.

from blood and ash by jennifer armentrout. too basic? (sighs) i know. just couldn’t help it.

thriller books

the silence of bones by june hur. historical fiction and a thriller ashmita? there goes all my dreams of becoming a cool person down the drain. but wait, stunning plot twists, morbid characters, and did you just say Joseon dynasty in Korea? please, this is everything this generation should read and mope over.

inheritance games by jennifer lynn. i bet you are stressed out in life right now. but hey, wanna sign up for some more? because this stress is 119%, not depression inducing but it will keep you awake at night, maybe get you to tear out a few strands of your hair. a very risky gamble now, isn’t it? (if you know, you know.)

contemporary books

gutter girl by rush & blout. gothic badass girl and writer moping boy. wait, what? shouldn’t it be the other way around? oh, how the tables have turned. short, humourous, lovely, witty – this is gonna be a perfect breezy read to end your year.

counting down with you by tashie bhuiyan. you should be very thankful that i am even bothering to mention this book because i love it so much i wanna tuck it inside my cupboard and never let it out.

you deserve each other by sarah hogle. a clean contemporary romance with a couple hell-bent on calling off their wedding but they font wanna be the one to pay the bills so cue the head-on prank war with poisoned flowers and disgusting macaronies. if you are craving a good laugh just go read this one already because sarah hogle is effortlessly funny and this book is addictive.

the love hypothesis by ali hazelwood. definitely not me reading this book in November and then re-reading it twice more in November itself. a fake dating trope, a grumpy and sunshine trope (where the guy is thank god not meaninglessly plain old rude), WOMEN IN STEM! and she loves sugar and so much body positivity. and LGBTQ rep! (demisexuality, gay) loved it.

red, white & royal blue by casey mcquiston. i think i have successfully managed to talk about this book in almost every post every since January 2020.

favorite tv stuff of the year

friends. the biggest sitcom show of like ever and yes, i finished in three months and i will be crying for three hundred years now forever working on my eulogy of eighteen pages front and back for this show, and that about sums up my feelings about this show.

squid game. this was a very recent watch and a half-written post is still sitting in my drafts section but here we are. burst skulls (literally) and creepy gigantic annabelle style dolls with hidden snippers (also literally) – i don’t think i can elaborate any further.

the dead poet’s society. you know how you stumble across new books or movies and then you are like shit how did i live so many years of my life not knowing something like this existed. this movie was insanely good, it spoke to my heart and soul and i am speechless.

queen’s gambit. this show was lit. i don’t know the first thing about chess, but this show was everything. beth harmon’s journey, struggle, success – very inspirational. it does pick up very slowly but it’s very short and you won’t know before it finishes.

favorite albums of the year

*me just now realizing how chaotic this graphic is but still loving it although it’s gonna be annoying to you hehe.

sour by olivia rodrigo. i made a book tag for heaven’s sake. of course, it’s one of the best for this year. really looking forward to more raw stuff from olivia in the future and please tell me i am not the only one shedding tears on how i am never going to any of the concerts of these cool artists.

folklore by tswift. breathtaking and wistful. honestly, the songs in this one are just so beyond me that i feel like i cannot comment on any of these lol. but for the record exile, invisible strings, betty, and epiphany are my favorites in no particular order.

red by tswift. i mean if you have heard the ten-minute version of all too well, i believe there is no explanation required period. Among the new releases, run (ft. ed sheeran) is my favorite.

human by OneRepublic. is one of my absolute favorite bands and although this album was not as good as their other songs, it’s a cool album to play in the background.

i know the graphics are super extravagant but this is what happens when you are bored and have given up on anything good happening for the remaining days of this year. this is my way of commemorating the end of this terrible year and welcoming the new year. isn’t it weird how people say oh my this year just flew by and then they say it again the next year?

interestingly some days were super slow for me and some months, i wasn’t even sure they happened it was so fast. and then i turned eighteen this year and a few certain people have thrown the word “adult” at me so many times that i was half-convinced that i changed my name on that occasion. \\no comments\\ aaanyways, onto more ramblings.

i briefly considered making a smol (i know this is the wrong spelling, but i am just trying out something) list of my recent obsessions but they are so embarrassing that i ultimately deleted it. but in short: currently, some of them are finding new ways to evade youtube and spotify ads (spoiler alert: there aren’t many), watching innumerable move-in vlogs (disclaimer: they are super addictive), BTS (yeah, the k-pop band and i just wanted to know their names and now this is my condition), and lastly stressing over life has become a hobby of sorts.

sharing this in hopes that i am not the only one, so let me know how this year has been for you!

i see so many amazing bloggers write such detailed and amazing wrap-ups and although i am not quite there yet, this is my first try at a wrap-up that includes things besides books. but to be fair, i don’t watch a lot of things so it would be boring on a monthly basis but i quite like this dramatic over-the-top end-of-the-year wrap. what do you say?

*if anyone is interested as to how i track my reading statistics, i use the excel sheet created by hardback hoarder which is very detailed but i use it in a very minimalistic way, so it works for me just fine enough. and i can’t even begin to explain how satisfying it is to watch all those graphs and statistics at the end. yep, that’s right. a nerd through and through it is lol.

ending this on a good note: An advance Merry Christmas guys because i want to be the first to wish you even if it means way too early hmph! and a very happy December to you. thank you so much for your support and we recently hit 1.7k+ followers, so kudos to that! thank you so much for sticking around and for your comments, likes, reads, pingbacks <33 it means a lot to me. have a great day!

*not kidding but this took me four days to edit pls kill me.

*so i had this all ready to go like a week ago but you know life. got caught up in it and had to take a short break from wordpress. i am still to get to all your comments on my previous post but honestly, i just want to scream a huge thank you for such heartwarming comments. i was really dumbfounded by such emotional responses so much so that i really don’t know what to reply. now, it’s unfortunately, a very late merry christmas to you guys but hey, better late than never right?

50 thoughts on “ashmita’s 2021 in a nutshell

  1. this thumbnail is so gorgeous ahh😫 also yeess inheritance games was AMAZING.
    ahh Sour was seriously the album of the year 😂 really looking forward for her new album whenever it comes out!
    Great post, loved reading it💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great wrap-up! I’ve been procrastinating writing mine, but the end of the year is fast approaching, so we’ll see how that works out for me. I loved These Violent Delights this year too, but I haven’t had time to read the sequel yet. And I love to see the Taylor Swift albums featured!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Four days to edit and you spelled don’t as font 🤣
    Ofc you love ghosts, you are one 🙂.
    It’s okay that life got in the way 🤧. This wrap up was so cool 🤧.

    BTS (yeah, the k-pop band and i just wanted to know their names and now this is my condition), and lastly stressing over life has become a hobby of sorts.

    This part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Omfg 🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You know like how I came to insta just to follow that particular person, and now it has become an addiction to check my followers….sedlyfe🙂.
    You still haven’t followed me back btw 🙂✨

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The featured image is soo good😍
    And yess, I love ghosts too!!
    Life always gets in the way🙃🤧

    Sour was seriously sooo goood!! I don’t know whom to support in grammy album of the year, between sour and evermore.
    And folklore is a masterpiece🤩

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I lOVE Red white and royal blue that books was just AMAZING
    Also everyone starts their BTS journey with “I just wanna know their names” and then before you know it you love them
    Anyhoo twas an awesome post and I love the featured image

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Hey Ashmita! It’s been long! How are you doing man? I love the thumbnail so much ❤️❤️👌 What tool do you use to make these freaking awesome animations? Are you into animation too?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Enjoy your winter and stay safe ❄️🎄⛄And yes squid game 🎯

    Liked by 1 person

  8. These Violent Delights supremacy (!!!) , and I really need to read Counting Down With You! And same here, I don’t even know how to play chess but The Queen’s Gambit was so poignant and resonant, glad you loved it too! Also the graphics are amazing haha, lovely post as always! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  9. “isn’t it weird how people say oh my this year just flew by and then they say it again the next year?” this hit me hard cause I’m one of those people 😂 So sorry that your year wasn’t great tho! Fingers crossed that something brill will happen to you within these last few days of 2021 and that you’ll have a better 2022! (Also those graphics are GORGEOUS. totally not over-the-top at all, love it!) 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Now that’s a great wrap-up post Ash! Oh YES These Violent Delight and Inheritance Games were one of the (only) few upsides I had this year (I swear 11th sucks😭) along with Six of Crows ofc 😉😁 AHHH Friends! remember when I asked you ‘how you doin’?’ and I had NO IDEA?😂 I’ve also been really looking forward to Queen’s Gambit, it sounds really awesome. I also got around watching Stranger Things and GURL I’m SO freaking obsessed.😭❤ (have you watched it?!)
    Have a very happy new year Ash! Loved reading this!❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. 😂😂 honestly this year so completely sucked. truly these books and movies were the only good things going on lol. I NEED TO GET TO SOC!! lmao yeah!!! now that’s like such a cool story to tell about how u started watching the show haha. i hope you enjoy queen’s gambit!! it’s an amazing show. OMG YOU DONT SAY 😭😭i am not gonna start stranger things now. i will simply get addicted. HAPPY NEW YEAR DIYA. THIS YEAR WE ARE GONNA KICK SOME ASS! thank you! <33

    Liked by 1 person

  12. thank you soo much ak!! me toooo!! it does right. 😭
    i know right! i am never forgetting our lyrics references in comments. those are like some of the most fun times lol. i am not a huge fan of evermore. i loved folklore so much that i haven’t been able to move on from that lol. so sour it is for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Yep. COMPELETELY 😂 But as Nehal says it, lets just chill ✌😂 GURLL GET TO SOC. FAST. I’M WAITINGGG. yeah, I’m gonna tell my grandkids that and make them watch it lol. yeh you’re right but still… WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT… I can’t be obsessed here alone, if I’m going crazy I’m taking everyone down with me 😭😂😭


  14. Anytime ash!!
    True that, I loved doing that too😂
    Folklore was deffo better than evermore. But when u say that, sour was actually something so new for me. Like brutal was a song which described me sooo welll, especially the golden years line!


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