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january book releases to look forward to

Do you have your Goodreads opened in another tab? * waiting * Awesome! Get your coke, Get your pen. Cause’ it’s time to grow that pile of shame aka THE TBR *muuhhwahhaha*

*(glossary time) tbr: to be read list*

finally compiled a short list of highly anticipated books. of course, there are tons of books coming out this month and it would be impossible for me to check them out. i encourage you to check out these lists if you’re looking for more new listings.

lair of books: January 2022 anticipated new releases

past midnight: most anticipated books 2022

melting pages: January 2022 releases

onto, my list!

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the red palace

The Red Palace

A third evocative, atmospheric historical mystery perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Kerri Maniscalco.

Joseon (Korea), 1758. There are few options available to illegitimate daughters in the capital city, but through hard work and study, eighteen-year-old Hyeon has earned a position as a palace nurse. All she wants is to keep her head down, do a good job, and perhaps finally win her estranged father’s approval. But Hyeon is suddenly thrust into the dark and dangerous world of court politics when someone murders four women in a single night, and the prime suspect is Hyeon’s closest friend and mentor. Goodreads.

Read it because:

  • 🌒 dark
  • 🚀 fast-paced
  • 🧩suspense
  • 🏃‍♀️ quest

Genre: YA Historical Fiction; Author: June Hur;

Series: Stand Alone; Release Date: 25 Jan’22;

after silence of bones, june hur has become an auto-buy. strong females, stunning writing, and on-your-toes plotline – of course, i am reading it. what about you?

to paradise

To Paradise

A bold, brilliant novel spanning three centuries and three different versions of the American experiment, about lovers, family, loss, and the elusive promise of utopia.

In an alternate version of 1893 America, New York is part of the Free States, where people may live and love whomever they please (or so it seems). The fragile young scion of a distinguished family resists betrothal to a worthy suitor, drawn to a charming music teacher of no means. In a 1993 Manhattan besieged by the AIDS epidemic, a young Hawaiian man lives with his much older, wealthier partner, hiding his troubled childhood and the fate of his father. And in 2093, in a world riven by plagues and governed by totalitarian rule, a powerful scientist’s damaged granddaughter tries to navigate life without him—and solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearances. Goodreads.

Read it because:

  • 🌒 dark
  • 🌔 character arc
  • 📝 modern classic
  • 🤕 heart breaking

Genre: YA Historical Fiction; Author: Hanya Yanagihara;

Series: Stand Alone; Release Date: 11 Jan’22;

still haven’t gotten around to reading a little life, but there are just so many emotions and controversies whirling around that book, i am very intrigued for that and this.

weather girl

Weather Girl

A TV meteorologist and a sports reporter scheme to reunite their divorced bosses with un-forecasted results in this charming romantic comedy.

In the aftermath of a disastrous holiday party, Ari and Russell decide to team up to solve their bosses’ relationship issues. Between secret gifts and double dates, they start nudging their bosses back together. But their well-meaning meddling backfires when the real chemistry builds between Ari and Russell. Working closely with Russell means allowing him to get to know parts of herself that Ari keeps hidden from everyone. Will he be able to embrace her dark clouds as well as her clear skies? Goodreads.

Read it because:

  • 🚀 breezy read
  • 🎀 romance
  • 💫 magical
  • 💖 delightful

Genre: NA Contemporary; Author: Rachel Lynn;

Series: Stand Alone; Release Date: 11 Jan’22;

as someone who loves wasting time watching romcom, i love the heavy ‘set it up’ movies vibes this book is giving off. perfect for a cozy evening in, i think.

30 things i love about myself

30 Things I Love about Myself

When a British Indian woman’s life hits rock bottom, she decides to change her stars by falling in love…with herself–a hilarious, heartfelt story.

Nina didn’t plan to spend her thirtieth birthday in jail, yet here she is in her pajamas, locked in a holding cell. She’s just broken up with her fiancé and now has to move back into her childhood home to live with her depressed older brother and their uptight, traditional Indian mother. Her career as a freelance journalist isn’t going in the direction she wants, and all her friends are too busy being successful. Just as Nina falls into despair, a book lands in her cell: How to Fix Your Shitty Life by Loving Yourself. With literally nothing left to lose, Nina makes a life-changing decision to embark on a self-love journey. By her next birthday, she’s going to find thirty things she loves about herself. Goodreads.

Read it because:

  • 🚀 breezy read
  • 💖 delightful
  • 🌷 finding oneself
  • 🌊 satisfying

Genre: NA Contemporary; Author: Radhika Sanghani;

Series: Stand Alone; Release Date: 4 Jan’22;

sounds like one hell of a mid-life crisis and although i am fortunately nowhere near mine, this book sounds really refreshing. curious to see how the author has executed this cool concept.

cold the night, fast the wolves

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

A captivating debut about survival, found family, and the bond between a girl and a wolf that delivers a fresh twist on classic survival stories and frontier myths.

After angering a local gangster, seventeen-year-old Sena Korhosen must flee with her prize-fighting wolf, Iska, in tow. A team of scientists offer to pay her way off her frozen planet on one condition: she gets them to the finish line of the planet’s infamous sled race. Though Sena always swore she’d never race after it claimed both her mothers’ lives, it’s now her only option. Goodreads.

Read it because:

  • 🏃‍♀️ quest
  • 🌒 dark
  • 🌔 character arc
  • 🧩adventure

Genre: YA Fantasy; Author: Meg Long;

Series: Stand Alone; Release Date: 11 Jan’22;

i have a fascination with wolves and an entire novel with a wolf companion? please, i am just bidding my time.

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I hope you found something you would want to check out on this list. Let me know some new releases that you are looking forward to. Thank you for reading! I hope you are having

Keep on keeping on. See ya in the comments below.

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