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thirsting for k-drama-ish books? i’ve got you.

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again when you want to huddle under your blanket and spend infinite hours drowning in heartfelt OSTs, backstabbing flashbacks, and oh-damn-that’s-so-relatable moments, not to mention the marshmallow characters, and of course, endings that make you question your very existence. But despite that WE NETIZENS WANT MORE OF THIS MELODRAMA IN OUR LIFE!

Fear not, fellow obsessed readers, I’ve got you.

I’ve compiled THE ULTIMATE LIST for you, starting from historical fiction to fantasy to k-pop. I hereby bring to you A LEGENDARY LIST of all the books I could find which give off massively heavy k-drama vibes or better yet are written for that very purpose, which in case you didn’t know is: to snatch out our heart, crush it and then put it back with one heck of an innocent smile.

Do you have your Goodreads opened in another tab? * waiting * Awesome! Get your coke, Get your pen. Cause’ it’s time to grow that pile of shame a.k.a THE TBR *muuhhwahhaha*

*(glossary time) TBR: to be read list; OSTs: original soundtrack*



historical fiction books

morbid books

cute shit

more cute shit

ramblings: bye!


historical fiction books

A disclaimer: at this point, I consider June Hur the goddess of this genre. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, her books are not only examples of exemplary character developments, but they have this distinctly scary element of mystery, which I swear to god, WILL make you flip the pages at an ungodly speed. If she releases ten books, I am coming back every year to add them to this list.

the silence of bones by june hur. historical fiction and a thriller, ashmita? stunning plot twists, morbid characters, and Joseon dynasty in Korea? please, this is everything this generation should read and mope over.

luck of the titanic by stacey lee. did you in your wildest dreams ever imagine what titanic would be like, yes the one that makes you go bonkers and flood the attic with tears, what it would be like but with Asian characters? Following Valora Luck in her story of survival, with pearls of aristocratic k-drama culture in it.

the forest of stolen girls by june hur. after the mysterious disappearance of her father and 13 young women, a young teen travels back to her hometown to unearth secrets. multiple storylines with the perfect dose of traumatizing flashbacks – this screams k-drama.

the red palace by june hur. releasing on 25th Jan, an evocative and atmospheric mystery novel in Korea, 1758. does anyone else find a striking resemblance between the cover art and Seo Yea-ji (actress cast in it’s okay to not be okay)?

morbid books

A disclaimer: Yes, yes! My favorite types of books are the ones that go above and beyond to make you cry and here are a few to ruin you with their stunning characters, cinnamon roll relationships, and gut-wrenching pasts, and okay, I need to stop.

all the bright places by jennifer niven. this book is the worst and the best recommendation anyone can ever give you. if you’re someone who googles k-dramas with happy endings, run miles away from this one. BUT if you’re up for a challenge, I dare you to read this.

you’ve reached sam by dustin thao. the book that has taken this entire community by a storm. and no, I still haven’t gathered the courage to read this; I fear my fragile heart would collapse.

thirteen reasons why by jay asher. this is most unlikely to be on this list, but with the excessive stress on mental health and innumerable storylines with all the flashbacks, it’s hard to not mention this book. But please go through the trigger warnings<33

the fault in our stars by john green. anyone here watched the drama uncontrollably fond? I finished watching it and then I hunted down this book and read that goddamn letter and spent three hours crying because I love stress and if you do too – well, now you know the drill.

cute shit

A disclaimer: More books that make you weep, but this time it’s their purest of pure hearts, best of best breezy light reads, and amazing mental health rep. Basically, lots of contemporary romance coming-of-age books THAT WILL HEAL OR SCARR YOUR HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC HEART.

i love you so mochi by sarah kuhn. this book is marshmallow personified. set in Japan, filled with vivid descriptions, dripping with delightful cultural anecdotes and the occasional chocolate-wrapper dress from our fashionista protagonist, I recommend this book to every teenager.

counting down with you by tashie bhuiyan. consider yourself very lucky that I am recommending this book instead of keeping it hidden in my cupboard because THAT’S HOW INSANELY GOOD THIS IS. Desi girl & aspiring author with anxiety and crazy friends, controlling parents, shunning the patriarchy, the potential perfect boyfriend, and amazing poetry scattered throughout. yeah, no more questions. READ THIS.

bookish and the beast by ashley poston. seriously, the title says it all. what more can you ask for? hop over, don’t be shy.

the sun is also a star by nicola yoon. one-day romance, the clock is ticking, decisions are made, lives are saved, some are healed, intricate storylines and in my opinion the best movie-inspired cover. the most satisfying epilogue ever, this summarises all the high school k-dramas but in a single day.

more cute shit

date me, bryson keller by kevin. i have never read a cute LGBTQ romance book that talks about homophobic schoolmates or intensely religious parents and this book? it portrayed everything perfectly and broke my heart.

gutter girl by rush & blout. gothic badass girl and writer moping boy. wait, what? shouldn’t it be the other way around? oh, how the tables have turned. short, humourous, lovely, witty – this book reminds me of our beloved summer: the very same drama which is airing right now.

hani and ishu’s guide to fake dating by adiba. seriously though, bisexual rep, sapphic fake dating, high school romance, cuteness overload – WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?

Okay, okay now ashmita, you promised everything starting from historical fiction to fantasy. I know that, and I also happen to know how small you guy’s attention span and I hope you know that mine is smaller than yours hehe. Keep an eye out for two more parts with more genres and types BECAUSE THIS IS THE ULTIMATE LIST AND IT SHALL NOT FAIL YOU.

Talk me through some fun stuff going in your life: maybe a song you’ve been binging or I don’t know, maybe that k-drama you have been bawling over. HOW DID YOU LIKE THIS POST? Are you a fan of k-stuff? If not, I disown you. Just kidding. See ya in the comments!

*Since this is the ultimate list, I am very curious to know if you have any additions to make! Let me know and I will add the book with credits of course. <33

46 thoughts on “thirsting for k-drama-ish books? i’ve got you.

  1. Ahhh I loved this!! Even if I’m not suuuper into kdramas yet (hopefully I’m not cancelled, it’s mainly because I haven’t watched too many🤭) But counting down with you sounds so amazing!! I’ll have to get my hands on a copy soon x

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  2. You have no idea how much I hate you and love you at the same time right. THIS. This was something I did not know I wanted ,ok thats a lie after binging too many K dramas I NEEDED these book recs LE MUCH THANK

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I have been definitely bawling over Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Hometwon Cha Cha Cha😭😭😭😭😭 and I’m definitely a fan of k-stuff, Ashmita…..I hope you dont disown me NOW😭💜💜
    Loved reading the post and I’m adding the cute shit and more cute shit in my tbr for sure😂😂💜

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  4. The historical fiction recommendations are pulling me, help! Also, I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and it’s way better than the movie. Oh, the metaphors! Even though that’s quite unrealistic but okay. And did you know, Dil Bechara was the Indian adaptation of this book?

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  5. Okay buckle up. I have quite a few for the heirs BECAUSE THATS LIKE MY MOST FAVOURITE SHOW EVER! u can try reading fallen crest high (series), bully (standalone), paper princess (series), all saints high OR sinners of Saints (both are series but can be read as standalones) and lastly the royal elite series which is a trilogy. One thing though: most of these books are very dark and has like lots of graphic scenes in it. So if you’re not comfortable, i would recommend avoiding it. And since bullying is a huge part of it, i suggest you check the trigger warnings.

    As for kill me, heal me: i think all the bright places fits the bill or maybe perks of being a wallflower although both of these talk about bipolar and not dissociation.

    Hope you found something!!

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  6. love all the recs! I haven’t watched a lot of k drama (yet, please don’t axe murder me) but If This Gets Out gave me similar vibes when I read it a few days back.

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  7. Now that I’m watching Snowdrop I keep thinking of These Violent Delights for the star-crossed lovers trope. Also, I’m here for the cute shit so will check out Bookish and Beast and other books too. Fab post!


  8. The way i’m noting down all the cute shit recs haha. I Love You So Mochi def had Kdrama vibes so I’m looking forward to the rest 😌


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