hi there! i’m ashmita and this is my blog. as much as i would love to ride a dragon or train to be an assassin, i am but your usual teenager trying to make her mark on the world.

this is my safe haven where i talk about all things that make me, me. and that’s mostly books that make me bawl my eyes out, laugh out loud, or tear my hair out in frustration. and i am dramatic, which i am 113.79% sure that you’ve gathered by now.

take your pick from the categories drop-down where you will find everything starting from books, insightful interviews, random character lists, gossip news, and sometimes movies.

insomniac bookworm *.✧

~♪ stan music, fantasy, and yes.

♡˖ i AM a hopeless romantic ˖♡

✶ read a lot || live a lot ✶

——-sTaY wEiRd 。*゚

other random stuff about me would be – i love the rain, i love my bicycle, and ice-cream, and daggers. no, i am not a serial killer. i just have a thing for badass antiques. i am an unapologetic scorpion, i love my women tribe, i am an ambivert and asian.

my blog, “the fictional journal” is my one true love, and i strive to make it a safe place for each and every one of my readers. this is a judgement free zone, so i beseech you to please refrain from spreading any negativity in this space.

if i find you spreading sexist and homophobic comments, you might just have to deal with the fireball; that would be me. respect people and their choices. thank you. i know you’re an amazing person. <33

i could give you a list of my favorite books, but that would entail us staying here for an eternity. if you’re still interested, do navigate to my goodreads account, which is the literal definition of messy.

i am currently working on a young adult novel. nope. i don’t have a name yet. i am one of those people, who wait until the very end to name their babies. for now, i’m calling it “idk”. it’s a high school story set in india and deals with a lot of mental health stuff, and i’m super hyped to see how it turns out. stay tuned; ✌🏼


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  1. Hey Ashmita !!
    I am looking forward to read your book. As it is I have this dream of writing one myself but my mood swings never result in me completing any draft XD……
    Best of luck to you !


  2. Ahhh Evin thank you soo much!! And i was just cleaning through my emails and i found yours 🤦 ik. So late, but if you are still curious, i make those colored boxes by simply using the colour option when you select on a block. It appears on your right hand. And then you simply customise the colour to your choice. Hope this helped!!
    Ash xx

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  3. Okay I have to say I’m totally impressed. Your blog is just – Wow!! Following right now! And waiting eagerly for your book. Best greetings, Devangi:D


  4. Hii Asmita, i love your blog!!

    Btw, i follow you on Instagram and someone (the_fictional_bookworm) messaged me “could you please help me” i remember that you had put a status update saying that one account for yours was hacked, so is this one your hacked one?? Or is it really you??

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