book reviews

Greetings everyone!

If you are here, it most probably means, (a) you are checking out my website (which is amazing!! So, thank you for that), (b) you are a fellow blogger (high -five!) or, (c) you are looking for the review of a particular book. In that case, let me run you through a few points before you start browsing through them.

I post honest, unbiased (I try, I might slip at times) reviews on my blog, of the books which I have READ. Sometimes, you might notice that I write “book talks”, instead of reviews, and that is because, those are the times (which is actually most of the time) that I decide that I want to tone down that “professional editorial reviewer voice” and simply gush and ramble and bawl over books. After all isn’t that why bookworms gather?

Hope you find what you are looking for! Though I must warn you, that I don’t review each and every book that I read.