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there is a chorus of books upon the shelves, each ready and in fine voice. inside each page, behold the eternal magic of black ink. several hundred white pages, each gentle to the fingertips. the wisdom of the soul splattered for you to discover, maps etched, secrets hidden in the creeks, truths unraveled.

i hope you find many a beautiful stories to delve into and many a wonderous worlds to run away. thank you for visiting.

‘new releases to check out’ includes reviews of advanced copy reviews of unreleased book, a peek into upcoming bestsellers, and potential favs. and answers your question – worth it? not worth it?

‘publisher collabs’ include all the book launch projects with blog tour companies to support authors. ‘the interviews’ answer all your questions on publishing (looking at all budding authors)! and ofc, more new releases starting from fantasy to contemporary.

i try my best to post honest reviews so that you get the ultimate experience while dipping your toes into new worlds.

fear not, i am not going to bore you with long analytical reviews and go on and on about some era or metaphor. they are gonna be in an easy-to-read language and more often than not me ranting and raving about something. after all isn’t that why all bookworms gather?

i don’t post reviews of all the books i read. if you are an author looking to get your book reviewed, please navigate to the ‘contact me’ page. thank you!