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time to put on on some music, ’cause you’re about to tread on dangerous territory and might just discover a diverse list of books with incredible, tense, abso-stunning characters.

time to grow your already tall to-be-read list. cue evil laughter *muhahwa*

i hope you find many future fictional besties here. have a great find!

a still growing segment of my blog, as i share with all you aspiring authors tips and tricks i picked up during my editorial internship with revise and wrap, and more research work that comes in handy in the whole sitting-in-front-of-a-blank-word-document. good luck! i’m rooting for you. <33

if you want to check out more featured stuff – look into the categories drop-down list for more (including my brain dumps) although they are in the fetal stage hehe.

thank you so much for checking out my humble flashy abode. you make my heart go –