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the text.

hey, sorry i haven't texted you back. i've been anxious, i think? i can't breathe and depressed is a word thrown around too lightly these days. i haven't had time to catch up on socials and stuff, you know how life gets. i feel like a flute. no matter how much energy i pour in,… Continue reading the text.

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how to show, not tell

Books are like teleport crystals, and that is one of the biggest reasons why people like to read. They want an outlet to another world, to experience another story. They are looking for something immersive. They don’t want to be told the plot of the story; they want to live the story. Take a look… Continue reading how to show, not tell

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feelings || excerpt from a book i’m writing #102

Feelings. Emotions. Anger. Hurt. Love. Happiness. Frustration. Hope. More anger. Hurt. Anger. So many feelings. People say that you can die from the emptiness inside you. But I wonder, why do they never say that the vast oceans and waves inside you can drown you as well. What about those people who drown in their… Continue reading feelings || excerpt from a book i’m writing #102

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1000 followers || thank you so much!

i spent like the entirety of last week debating, and thinking and scratching and second guessing myself, because i couldn't for the life of me decide what i wanted to do in occasion of hitting a thousand followers, but then i googled what a thousand people looked like in real life. and this is what… Continue reading 1000 followers || thank you so much!