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it all comes back to you: author interview || writing process/muslim-rep/character arcs!

1. Can you tell me about a scene that you wrote but never added to the story and why? ...I’m also pretty sure the original working title was “WE’RE JUST NOT MEANT TO BE” and let’s just say I’m really happy we changed it. 

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7 lgbtq+ books on my tbr

Say hello to pride month guys! 🌈 🌹 I LOVE reading about queer people and so many of my favorite books stem from this genre, but I wanted to read more LGBTQ+ books, and what better time than the pride month? So, I thought of sharing some of the LGBTQ+ books on my TBR. 😇 And… Continue reading 7 lgbtq+ books on my tbr

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5 YA contemporary books that deal with mental health || #mentalhealthawareness

hello pretty peeps! how has may been for you so far? did you guys know that may is mental health awareness month? because i certainly didn't and i was so thrilled to find out that something like this exists! i have a lot to say on this topic, but my thoughts on it are just… Continue reading 5 YA contemporary books that deal with mental health || #mentalhealthawareness