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the 2021 book tag ft. controversial graphics

a tag for this wretched year is the only way to light it up. at this point, i have called this year terrible so many times that people are half wondering what sort of scary-ass clowns i encountered (yep, that's a friends reference). truth be told, it wasn't that bad but the second half was… Continue reading the 2021 book tag ft. controversial graphics

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the last ten books tag ft. pictures and me being me?

a tag. yes, a tag. yes, after months. yes, let's jump right in because i'm horrendous at introductions or should i just share a weird bird fact like rachel here? vacuum cleaners were originally horse drawn. well, not exactly a bird fact. well, that went well. Anyways, if you're new to this blog welcome and… Continue reading the last ten books tag ft. pictures and me being me?

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S book tag (because i’m trash for this show)

hey. how YOU doin' just had to quote joey. yes yes, i know i hate tv shows and yet i wounded up watching this sitcom in three months? which has like a gazillion episodes? and now i am all but raving about it. but let me take a moment to make this declaration - i am officially trash for this show. when i say i have a lot to talk about it, i am not lying sweetheart. it's gonna be more than 18 pages, and it's gonna be front and back! saving all of my ramblings for a later post, let's dive into this tag which i believe was originally created by the lovely roxanne @ an average life.

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sour album (olivia rodrigo) book tag || original!

hello pretty peeps! do you guys like olivia rodrigo's music? so, i kept on listening to driver's license on repeat for like three days, and later realized that it was her. so, her debut album - 𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕣 aired yesterday, and it's just amazing. usually, i don't like all the songs in a particular album, just… Continue reading sour album (olivia rodrigo) book tag || original!