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a list of DOBBY’S fashion dos and don’ts

ashmita, fashion? i thought this is a book blog? yes, yes. i know. well, mr. dobby is one of my absolute favorite fictional character, not to mention the fact that so much of the story depends on him too! and with his colorful socks, charming heart, and confident demeanor - i say that he is… Continue reading a list of DOBBY’S fashion dos and don’ts

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characters who are likely to jump-scare you?

Hello!! How was your day? Mine was hectic and I desperately needed a good laugh so I decided to jump-scare, my mom.😁 Yeah, I ALWAYS do that, and my mom ALWAYS falls for it. I have no idea why, but it's so funny when mother gets scared like that. I have to share this -… Continue reading characters who are likely to jump-scare you?

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characters who are likely to pick noses in public?

So, this is probably the most random post that you are ever gonna see from me. ...I just keep seeing people pick their noses 👃, like literally everywhere I go.😂 And suddenly, we end up making eye contact, and they remove their hand, and my oh my! If it is not "kill-me-right-now" level awkward! And I swear, I don't go around picking out people in the crowd who do this…I just keep noticing 👀 them. And I don't know if it is something wrong with me or if the quarantine has made people forget that it's weird when you do that in public. And it makes other people uncomfortable? Especially if that hand suddenly happens to reach your mouth, I am like Ewwwwww!!😂🤢 So, I thought of coming up with a list of characters who are likely to do this in public. I know - no connection whatsoever! 😅 But this is what happens when I think of books all the time. Lol. ...Onto the list:-