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book review: our violent ends

So, I just finished reading my most awaited sequel of the entire effing year and all I know right now is that I need to stop crying and after I do, I am gonna hack the internet for Chloe's address and ship her my therapy bills. Just kidding, but this book was worth every second of the wait.

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new releases to devour ft. diverse books

Do you have your Goodreads opened in another tab? * waiting * Awesome! Get your coke, Get your pen. Cause' it's time to grow that pile of shame aka THE TBR *muuhhwahhaha* *(glossary time) tbr: to be read list* If you guys didn't know, I am an Asian, and I love to see my culture,… Continue reading new releases to devour ft. diverse books

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book review: the house in the cerulean sea

Title: The House in the Cerulean Sea Series: Stand Alone Genre: LGBTQ Fantasy Rating: ★★/5 Linus Baker, a forty-year-old government employee at the Department in Charge of Magical Youth, spends his days inspecting orphanages (built especially for magical kids) and listening to old records with his cat, Calliope in his tiny house. He works eight… Continue reading book review: the house in the cerulean sea

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books i read recently ft. it’s been a while

less than a month. that's how long i was gone, and mr. wordpress, this is what you chose to do? someone please start a riot because this new formatting is, i kid you not, hurting my eyes. what is this new aversion to the apostrophe?! anyways, the reason this is not october wrap-up, but just… Continue reading books i read recently ft. it’s been a while

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poetry recommendations for people who don’t read poetry

"Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry." If you are someone who dislikes poetry, because you think they're boring stanzas to be analyzed and you have to write essays on it, you are wrong. They are not always that mechanical or serious. If you hate that poetry book from the "Dead Poets Society" movie and despise that weird graph, I assure you, we are on the same boat. If you love romantic gorgeous writing, stunning lyrics, and you're all about the feeling - I have feeling that you might love the books on this list.

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the last ten books tag ft. pictures and me being me?

a tag. yes, a tag. yes, after months. yes, let's jump right in because i'm horrendous at introductions or should i just share a weird bird fact like rachel here? vacuum cleaners were originally horse drawn. well, not exactly a bird fact. well, that went well. Anyways, if you're new to this blog welcome and… Continue reading the last ten books tag ft. pictures and me being me?