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it all comes back to you: author interview || writing process/muslim-rep/character arcs!

1. Can you tell me about a scene that you wrote but never added to the story and why? ...I’m also pretty sure the original working title was “WE’RE JUST NOT MEANT TO BE” and let’s just say I’m really happy we changed it. 

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arc review: it all comes back to you || enemies in real life but online best friends?

The female character is wearing a lehenga on the cover. Of course, I had to request this title. One of my most anticipated releases of this year, It All Comes Back To You is not exactly a heartfelt mushy-mushy book. But funnily it does house one of the most heartfelt tropes in the YA community and that is *ladies and gentlemen: put your hands together for* the "I hate you in real life but are online best friends on a gaming platform." I know, stunning.