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poetry recommendations for people who don’t read poetry

"Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry." If you are someone who dislikes poetry, because you think they're boring stanzas to be analyzed and you have to write essays on it, you are wrong. They are not always that mechanical or serious. If you hate that poetry book from the "Dead Poets Society" movie and despise that weird graph, I assure you, we are on the same boat. If you love romantic gorgeous writing, stunning lyrics, and you're all about the feeling - I have feeling that you might love the books on this list.

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feelings || excerpt from a book i’m writing #102

Feelings. Emotions. Anger. Hurt. Love. Happiness. Frustration. Hope. More anger. Hurt. Anger. So many feelings. People say that you can die from the emptiness inside you. But I wonder, why do they never say that the vast oceans and waves inside you can drown you as well. What about those people who drown in their… Continue reading feelings || excerpt from a book i’m writing #102